Toys: Sex In The Shower Waterproof Mini Massager

There’s nothing like a good steamy session in the bath or shower after work to help you unwind and any sex toy that can get wet, as well as make you wet, is all right by us, which is why the Sex In The Shower Waterproof Mini Massager is a winner.

From the popular Sex In The Shower range that also make handy suction handles and footrests to make it easier to have sex in the, er, shower, this brand pride themselves on making practical toys for your wet room. It goes without saying then that this personal massager easily stood up to the test of being fully submerged in water and still worked to a high standard. Even playing with it a few hours after, it still buzzed away happily with no sign of water damage, so it’s definitely up there with good quality, water tight toys.

The twisting shaft to turn it on and off makes it easy to control, but is also how you open it to pop in/change the AA battery it runs off. It’s great that the controls are so simple, well, with water, soap and whatever else flying about, you don’t want to have to faff around with too many controls, but you do have to be careful not to twist the shaft so much that it keeps popping open and allowing water into the motor.

The size is also great measuring only four inches in length meaning it can be discreetly used in even the smallest of wash rooms, but just because it’s small doesn’t mean you have to compromise on power as the one speed vibration definitely packs a punch.

If you’re usually put off by one speed vibes because you enjoy a bit more variation, then don’t dismiss the Waterproof Mini Massager just yet. What’s great about this toy is that it comes with four interchangeable, multi-textured plastic heads: from pure smooth to tiny raised points, it’s the ability to mix up the sensations that makes this little clit vibe a real pleasure.

Having tested it in both the bath and the shower, we can confirm it definitely works better in the shower. Really, we should have guessed this from the name (duh!), because even though it does deliver powerful vibrations, some of this va-va-voom seems to get lost and absorbed by the water when you’re sitting in the bath. This doesn’t appear happen if you’re playing in the shower.

To top it off, there’s also a useful little torch light close to the controls. Handy if it’s submerged in water and you’ve created a sensual ambiance with low lighting or candles and don’t want to switch the big light on to see to swap the textured heads. The low glow will aid you to do this without spoiling the romance. We told you they were practical!

A great first time toy because it doesn’t break the bank at only £11.99, but still offers enough variation for you to experiment with.

The Sex In The Shower Waterproof Mini Massager costs £11.99 from


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