Web: Enter the Ladygarden

At Cliterati, we’re big fans of anything that makes people feel better about their bits – and if there’s maribou and sequins involved, that’s an added bonus. So when we encountered  www.ladygardenproject.com, complete with these wonderfully OTT vulva cushions, it ticked all the right boxes.

Anna Samson, creator of the Ladygarden project says, “Ladygarden is all about celebrating women and exploring sexuality. The cushions are a way of sharing the beauty and diversity of vulvas – in a cuddly form.”

Anne’s cushions are made in a vibrant array of colours: paisley labia, pearly clits and  glittering entrances have a fun and celebratory feel. Cushions are also adorned with a variety of pubic hair styles, from a shaven haven to a ’70s fluffbomb, made from feathers and fake fur.

The site also includes erotica (Samson is a published author with books available from Xcite), sex ed and honest discussion about all things vulval. A fab resource that celebrates the ladygarden in all its glory: Cliterati wholeheartdly approves. For more information, visit www.ladygardenproject.com

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