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A new collaborative blog, Nursing Clio, has launched that aims to explore political, social and cultural issues surrounding gender and medicine. Subjects such as abortion, birth control, and the reproductive rights of men and women, are covered, with an emphasis on how they sit in society today, and considering how views, attitudes, and legislation towards these issues have been influenced by the past.

Their view is that each one of these issues, whether we realise it or not, is embedded with historical dynamics of race, class and gender. Their tagline, The Personal is Historical, “…is meant to convey that the medical debates that dominate today’s headlines are, in fact, ongoing dialogues that reach far back into our country’s past.”

The mission of Nursing Clio is to provide a platform for historians, health care workers, community activists, students, and the public at large to engage in socio-political and cultural critiques of this ongoing and historical debate over the gendered body. At Cliterati, we believe that Nursing Clio provides a refreshing approach to topics you may not have thought about before.


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