Wise Counsel From Susan Quilliam: Knowing a Secret, Should I Tell?

Hi Susan,

I’m gay but my oldest friend is a straight guy – we get on really well, have lots of interests in common and I also like his wife. Last week when she was away for the weekend I invited him out for a night on the town with me and my friends – it’s something we’ve done before and he gets on well with them. Trouble is this time he got on a bit too well with one and I heard a rumour they were snogging in the loos. Now I’m stuck – do I say something, to him? To his wife? Or do I just put it down to too much beer? Or one of my friends stirring it?


Hi Jim,

To answer your questions. You know your friends – so do you think they were stirring it; if so, then just forget. You also know how much beer your friend was downing – so do you think he was pissed enough to kiss another guy just for curiosity; if so, then just forget.

But if you think that, beer or no beer, your friend was not just acting out of curiosity – and particularly if you’ve had hints in the past that he hangs out with you and your mates because he identifies with you – then I think you should mention this rumour to him. Because if he has got a gay side, and many men do, then he will want to talk that through with someone he knows and trusts. That would be you.

I would definitely not say anything to his wife without his permission. Coming out is a personal choice and – particularly for married men – a choice that can tear life apart. So yes, start the conversation with your friend. But don’t start spreading the news to other people.

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