Book Extract: Riding the Ether

Riding the Ether

‘Cassandra Larkin, I shall ravage you here and now if you do not come with me, do not think that I won’t.’ Anderson shoved his way into the library. ‘I am at least as much a lover of books as you are, but I assure you, my dear woman, now is not the time for research.’

Cassandra turned from the stacks, her heart racing at his sudden intrusion. ‘I don’t think this is a good idea, Anderson. We don’t know what will happen and besides, there’s still something I’m missing, something I don’t –’

It took him all of three strides to get to her from across the room. He shoved her up hard between the shelf of books and his body while his mouth crushed hers before another word could escape. His tongue forced its way in between her lips as though it would not only lap up any words that might threaten to spill out, but also any thought that didn’t involve Anderson wrapped around her body, kissing her brains out, leaving her knees weak and kicking her pulse rate up into overdrive.

At last he pulled away just enough to speak against her mouth. ‘What is missing you will not find in books, my love, and it shall not be tolerated, such unacceptable behavior in this household, in this bastion of sex magic. It shall not be tolerated that the high priest and the resident succubus shall be left unsatisfied while all others do their duty and partake of the pleasures of the flesh. I shall not be denied, Cassandra Larken. Nor shall you.’

Then he practically ripped open her jeans, yanked them and her panties down, turned her to the wall and fingered her open. It was that unceremonious, and it was a side of Anderson she had never seen before.

‘Ah, it is as I suspected,’ he breathed. ‘Your womanhood is in as much need as my manhood, and yet you deny us both. It shall not be,’ he said, reaching upward to tweak her clit, making her wet herself and his hand with the pleasure of his efforts until the library smelled of her heat. She heard the opening of his fly and the brush of cloth against flesh, but little else before he forced her forward just enough, then pushed into her with a harsh grunt.

She yielded and grunted back.

She could feel his hot breath coming in tight gasps against the back of her neck. ‘Oh I have so needed to be sheathed in your warm depths, my darling, and how you have tortured me so cruelly.’

‘I didn’t mean to torture you. I wasn’t trying to be cruel,’ she gasped. ‘It’s just –’ She completely lost her train of thought as his arms both tightened around her for the first hard thrust that had her cheek pressed up against the spine of the books. He found her clit and pinched and stroked until she bit the knuckles of her fist to keep from crying out as she drenched both of them with her pleasure.

‘There is no need to keep your passion silent in this house, my love. These walls are not unfamiliar with the sounds of lust.’ Anderson bit and kissed and caressed her nape, moving her hair to one side to expose and nibble her ear, all the while thrusting and grinding deep into her, breathing like a wind storm on the fells, every muscle tensed with need.

‘I shall give you your release now, my love and take mine for I can wait no longer.’ Two more hard thrust and he grunted his ejaculation and she banged her knee on the shelf as she convulsed her own orgasm.

They were barely finished coming when he pulled away, tugged up his trousers, and lifted her into his arms, her jeans still around her knees. ‘Now my love,’ he breathed. ‘Now that we have taken care of our most urgent needs, we shall adjourn to my bed where we may pleasure each other with abandon, as is fitting under the circumstances.’

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