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Eighty Days Yellow

Eighty Days Yellow is another book with the “If You Liked Fifty Shades” flash on the cover. It’s also a trilogy. This is where the similarity ends.

The book is written by two popular authors who have teamed up and penned under a pseudonym. This is the story of violinist Summer Zahova. She’s from New Zealand and lives in London. She makes money by working part-time jobs and busking in the London Underground. She’s in a relationship with a man who doesn’t understand her and can’t accept her for who she is. Therefore, the story truly begins when Summer breaks off the relationship and soon meets Dominik.

Dominik is a dom, and after hearing Summer play in an Underground station, he wants her. Her music captivated him, as did the fact that she was completely unaware of her surroundings when she played. He contacts her via Facebook after hearing of a mishap which caused her violin to be destroyed, promising to replace it if she will accept his challenge.

From there, the whirlwind affair begins. Dominik poses many challenges for Summer, which she accepts, some more willingly than others. But she accepts because she wants to please him. She doesn’t believe she’s a true submissive, but still spends a great deal of time exploring her dark side both with and without Dominik. It’s wild, it’s kinky, and surprisingly, it’s also tender in places.

So although the love story isn’t as traditional as some others, there’s definitely a type of love within the pages of the book. It’s just all mixed in with the BDSM and head games. If you’re looking for a well-written, erotic and engaging read, you should definitely check out Eighty Days Yellow. I’ll definitely be reading the next two books in the series.

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