The Armoured Body

I have often thought of the corset as being a sexy piece of armour. I can truss my body up tight, hide it’s imperfections and re-order it as I see fit whilst strutting about like a peacock. All you see is my bravado, my confidence, my beauty…because that is what I want you to see.

Úna Burke’s work of wearable objects hold this dual symbolism in total balance, as well as being darn sexy beautiful works of art in their own right. The sculptural accessories are singed with all kind of loaded iconography. Inbuilt medical slings, straight jacket technology, Roman and medieval plate armour, neck and back braces are all engineered into this breathtaking work of super sexy luxury fashion accessories.

Úna’s work has graced the famous bodies of personalities such as Daphne Guinness, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga, and has been eagerly sought out for Fashion Editorial by the likes of legends Nick Knight and David Bailey.

To buy Úna’s work online please visit her shop:


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