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We’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of Tickler’s Toyfriend range at Cliterati, after seeing the prototypes a few months ago. These cute, silicone-tipped, brightly coloured toys share a design aesthetic with the original Tickler toys: clean, modern and just a bit quirky.

Tickler designer Eric Kalén, says, ““I wanted to do something fun, playful and at the same time affordable toys. Toys that could be enjoyed by the many people. Good design don´t have to cost a fortune.”

The Swedish toys are most definitely designer – but at £14.99, they’re considerably cheaper than most silicone toys: a great entry level price – particularly given that they’re waterproof.

There are four designs:Posh Pocket, Nice Pocket,Foxy Pocket and Zany Pocket, which have differently shaped tips for different sensations. They’re all designed for clitoral stimulation rather than penetration: an alternative to a standard bullet vibe.

Powered by a single AAA battery, they’re single speed, and impressively powerful for their size. As they’re made from silicone, they shouldn’t be used with silicone lubricant (it can melt the toy) but on the plus side, they’re free of pthalates (unpleasant chemicals that have been linked to reproductive disorders).

The packaging is simple and stylish enough to make them ideal as a gift too: less likely to embarrass a toy-virgin friend than more phallic, lurid toys.

Check out the complete Toyfriend collection from Tickler

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