Book Extract: No Boys Allowed

No Boys Allowed

Leigh checked her reflection in the glass of the street door before pressing the button corresponding to the relevant flat. Her hair and makeup had survived the stuffy and crowded Tube journey, thankfully. She was eager to make a good impression on her potential flatmates—this was an exclusive area, and rooms didn’t come up too often. Therefore living here was something she wanted very badly.

After a second or two, the speaker crackled into life, and a female voice said, “Hello?”

“Hi,” she replied, “I’m here about the room. I’m Leigh.”

“Oh, hi,” the voice sounded more enthusiastic now, “come on up.”

The buzzer sounded, and Leigh pushed the door quickly and went inside. She looked at the sign on the wall that indicated which flats were where, and made her way up a flight of stairs and along a wide corridor, towards the one she was hoping to live in.

Arriving at the correct door, she knocked on it. She heard noises from inside, the shuffling of feet and footsteps across the floor. Then a pause—perhaps the person on the other side of the door was checking her out through the peephole. Instinctively, she pulled and tugged at her clothes, making sure they were looking their best. Finally, the door opened. A tall, slim blonde stood behind it and she smiled at Leigh and stuck out her hand.

“Hi,” the blonde said, “I’m Keira. It’s nice to meet you.”

Leigh took her hand and shook it. “It’s nice to meet you too, Keira. Thanks for seeing me.”

They disengaged, then Keira stepped back and gestured Leigh inside the flat. “No problem. I hope this visit can be mutually beneficial.”

Leigh smiled. “Me too.” Her grin widened when she looked around the room. The building itself was deceptive from the front. It looked quite small, but it seemed that although it was quite narrow from left to right, its depth more than made up for it. She stood in a large, beautifully decorated open plan living room, dining room and kitchen. It was tidy—though she suspected that the occupants had cleaned up before her arrival—with lots of natural light and all the mod cons. She loved it already, and she hadn’t even seen the rest of the place yet.

“You like?” Keira asked.

“So far, I’m very impressed.”

“Well, that’s great. Let me show you the rest of the rooms, then we can sit down and have a chat over a cup of tea.”

Leigh nodded her agreement, then followed the blonde as she moved towards the first of five doors which led off the open plan area.

“This is the bathroom,” Keira said, opening the door. “Shower, bath, toilet and sink. And most importantly, plenty of storage space, which is useful when three people are sharing a flat!”

Leigh nodded and made approving noises as she looked around the bathroom. She did pretty much the same thing when she was shown Keira’s room and a walk-in closet. She took considerably more time checking out the room that would be hers if they came to an agreement, and liked it very much.

Finally, they came to the last room. “Kacey’s not home right now, but she should be here any minute—I deliberately requested this time for you to come round so you could meet us both.”

“Okay, no problem.” It was then that she noticed the sign on the door. It said ‘No Boys Allowed.’ It was pink and flowery, and looked like something that a pre-pubescent girl would have.

Keira spotted what she was looking at and gave a wry smile. “Ah, yes. That brings me nicely to this—Kacey is a lesbian. I trust that’s not a problem for you?”

Widening her eyes, Leigh shook her head. “God, no. It’s not a problem for me at all.” She figured she may as well give the response that was on the tip of her tongue, and get it over and done with. “Far from it, actually. I’m a lesbian, too.”

“Wow.” Keira grinned. “What are the chances? Well that’s cool then, isn’t it? If everything goes to plan, we’ll be a happy, lesbian-friendly household.”

“Absolutely,” Leigh replied.

Just then, the main door to the flat opened and a woman that Leigh assumed was Kacey came in. She had very dark—almost black—hair, pale skin and the most startling pair of green eyes Leigh had ever seen. The best part was that it all appeared natural. Instantly, she was smitten. And that was before taking into consideration the figure to die for and the funky dress sense. Leigh suspected that she and Kacey would get on really well.

“Hey!” the dark-haired girl shut the flat door behind her and dumped her bag down onto the nearest sofa. Walking over to where Leigh and Keira stood, she beamed at them, and held her hand out to Leigh. “You must be Leigh, our potential flatmate. I’m Kacey. It’s lovely to meet you.”

Leigh fought a blush, and lost miserably. Heat raced beneath the skin on her cheeks as she shook Kacey’s hand. “N—nice to meet you, too.”

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