Erotica: A Friend in Need

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I met her at the gym. She was beautiful; blonde, tanned and sophisticated, with a husky voice that sent shivers through me every time I heard it. We went to the same yoga class, so I had plenty of time to admire her in the full-length mirrors as she bent and stretched her toned body. We often chatted in that stranger small-talk kind of way after class. I knew she worked in advertising, was engaged and had just moved in with her fiance. She knew I was a PR, single and lived in a riverside flat.

The night it all started was a Friday. I’d had a hard day and was looking forward to the blissed-out feeling that comes after a good yoga session. During the class, I noticed she was having a hard time following the moves: something very out of character. I went up to her after class as we made our way to the changing rooms.
‘Are you OK, Lydia?’ She sniffed and looked at me, her eyes red-rimmed and welling up with tears.
‘James and I split up last night.’
‘Oh no. How come? If you’re OK talking about it…’
‘To be honest, I need to. I’ve lost touch with most of my female friends since we’ve been together and I don’t think I can call them now. I’m so ashamed.’ She sniffed again and a tear escaped, rolled down her face and splashed on the floor.
‘Do you want to go for a drink?’
‘That would be nice.’

We went into the changing rooms. I couldn’t help sneaking a look when she went into the shower, catching a captivating glimpse of her arse as she peeled off her towel. I wanted to follow her in but knew that it would be the wrong thing to do. What she needed now was a friend.

We finished getting changed and headed to a nearby wine bar. I thought it would be her sort of place; trendy and full of bright young things. It also had comfortable booths towards the back of the bar that would give us the necessary privacy. She ordered a bottle of Chardonnay, insisting on paying because I was ‘helping her out so much’ and we headed into a dimly lit booth.
‘So what’s happened then?’
‘He came home drunk last night. We were supposed to be having dinner together and I’d rushed home from work to make sure it was perfect so when he came rolling in at midnight, I was furious.’ I nodded sympathetically. ‘I asked him what time he thought it was and he said time he left a nagging witch like me. I couldn’t believe it. He’s usually so gentlemanly.’
‘It sounds like a drunken row to me. I’ll bet he’s at home right now with a bunch of flowers and an apology for you.’
‘That… that wasn’t all he said.’ Lydia’s shoulders began to shake and I leaned across to hold her hand.
‘Go on. Better out than in as my gran always used to say.’
‘He, he said that he was fed up with me being so effing prim and proper. He wanted someone who could enjoy life, who’d let him go out with his mates and who wasn’t a frigid bitch. I’ve never seen him like that before. It was like he’d been storing all this up over the last five years. He was screaming at me for an hour. I was getting scared he’d hit me but he stormed out, taking the car keys with him.’
‘Sounds nasty.’ I said. ‘But people say things they don’t mean when they’re drunk.’
‘That’s what I thought too. But then this morning…’ Lydia put her head in her hands and began to sob. ‘I woke up and there was an answer-phone message from him. He said he was very sorry about what he’d said but he’d wanted to tell me for ages. He wasn’t happy, particularly with our sex life, so he’s been seeing this girl at the office and he wants to be with her, not me. He’s coming round to the house tonight to collect his clothes but I don’t think I can face him on my own.’
‘Do you want me to come with you?’
‘I couldn’t ask that!’
‘It’s OK, I don’t mind. I hadn’t got anything planned for tonight and there’s nothing decent on TV.’
‘Are you sure?
‘Really, it’s no problem. We can take this with us and pretend it’s just a normal girlie night in.’ I gestured at the bottle of wine.
‘Thanks so much, Sarah. I’ll just go and clean myself up.’
She went to the toilets and my eyes followed her swaying figure, swathed in figure hugging cashmere. She really was too lovely to be treated like that.

We hailed a cab and were soon at her flat in Fulham. The lights were off and there was no sign of James’ car, she said, so we were safe for a while. She led me into the front room and went to get some glasses for the wine. I looked around. She clearly had good taste. The room was decorated in cream with huge squashy cotton sofas, a minimalist wooden bookcase and expensive looking pictures on the wall. I settled into a sofa and wallowed in its deep comfort. Lydia appeared in the doorway with a tray containing the wine, two glasses and a plate of canapes.
‘These were meant for James yesterday.’ Her lower lip trembled. ‘But it seems a shame to waste them.’ She sat next to me and poured the wine. ‘To the future.’ I toasted. ‘It may seem bad now but things will get better, I promise.’
She looked at me with her huge blue eyes, still slightly pink but incredibly seductive. ‘Really?’
‘Trust me. In a few months time, you’ll have forgotten what the big deal was.’
‘I can never forget what he said. How will I be able to get anyone else if I’m frigid?’
‘I’m sure you’re not frigid. People who say stuff like that are usually rubbish in bed themselves.’
‘He was my first.’ Lydia confessed, ‘So I don’t know.’
‘Bet it’s him. If you don’t mind me being personal, how often did you orgasm with him?’ Lydia blushed, clearly unused to this kind of conversation but answered anyway.
‘Well, it felt nice but I don’t know if I ever have really.’
‘How about when you’re alone?’ The thought of her rubbing her cunt lips with those impeccably manicured fingers gave me the horn. She blushed even redder. ‘Well, I do have a toy that’s quite yummy. I can’t believe I’m telling you this.’
‘It’s proof you’re not frigid. You’re talking about masturbation with a stranger and you play with yourself when he’s out the house. Sounds like you’ve got a rubbish lover to me.’
‘Not any more.’ Again, the shoulders shuddered and before I knew it she was crying, great wracking sobs that shook her body.

I instinctively put my arms around her and let her cry into my shoulder, stroking her hair to pacify her. I could feel her breathing slowing, then suddenly she sighed.
‘Are you OK?’
She murmered into my shoulder.
‘What was that?’
She looked up. ‘Sorry. You just stroked my neck. It does things to me.’ She giggled and a rush of lust shot through me as I realised she may well be game.
‘Sorry.’ I said, clearly conveying that I liked the idea with my tone.
‘Don’t worry about it.’

She looked me in the eye again and I couldn’t resist. Slowly and deliberately, I raised my hand and started stroking her neck oh, so softly.
‘Mmmmh’ she moaned. ‘That’s really nice.’ She squirmed in her chair and I moved my hand to her face, tipping her chin up and looking into her eyes. ‘Would you mind if I kissed you? I don’t have to if you’d be uncomfortable, but you are beautiful.’
She sniffed. ‘I haven’t heard that for ages. Yes, Sarah. I’d like you to kiss me.’

I leant in and placed my lips on hers, savouring their softness and taking things slow so I didn’t scare her. She returned the pressure, so I slipped my tongue between her delicately parted lips and felt her tongue flicker lightly over mine. Delighted, I kissed her harder and soon we were lost in lust, totally absorbed by the feeling of our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.’Sarah?’ She pulled away. ‘I don’t suppose you’d mind…’ she looked embarrassed. I nodded to urge her on. ‘Would you maybe make love to me?’

I couldn’t believe my luck and smiled at her, nodded and pulled her into a deep kiss. My cunt was getting wet. I couldn’t believe that I was with such a gorgeous woman and she wanted me to be her first female lover. I took her hand and placed it on my breast. She started to stroke, making my nipples hard underneath my silk shirt. I reached over to her breasts and began teasing her nipples into stiff peaks through her cashmere dress, then slipped my hand underneath the neckline and softly stroked her delicate skin.

‘Could you take this off?’ I gestured at her dress and she willingly obliged, revealing that gorgeous toned body and surprisingly large breasts clad in La Perla underwear. I was getting decidedly hot so unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off, before bending to her breast and starting to tongue her nipple through the sheer fabric. She cried out at fell back into the cushions. I moved with her, sucking gently on one nipple while my hand toyed with the other one. She was groaning and writhing, clearly incredibly aroused. I moved my hand down her body and pulled her knickers to one side. The smell of her sweet cunt filled my nostrils and I slid a finger into her dripping cunt, teasing her clit with my thumb. She cried out as I flicked at her clit, arching her back and pressing her nipple deeper into my mouth. I had to taste her, so started to kiss my way down her body.

When my tongue reached her clit, she squealed and pushed up into my face. I continued to frig her cunt with my finger while I lapped at her cunt, savouring the taste of her juices. I felt her clit hardening and knew she was nearing the edge, so slid another finger up her sopping cunt, pushing deeper into her as I sucked on her clit. Her legs started to shake and she came hard in my face. I looked up and saw she had tears streaming down her cheeks. I moved away.

‘Oh god. Are you OK. I’m sorry, I really thought you wanted it.’
‘I did, Sarah. That was amazing. I never knew I could feel like that. Can I do it to you now? It felt so good.’
Relieved, I nodded and stripped off to make things as easy as possible. She ran her hand over my shaven mound, curious and intrigued by its smooth feel. ‘You’re beautiful, Sarah.’ She pushed me back onto the sofa and fastened her lips over my cunt, eagerly devouring me with a passion I hadn’t felt in ages. ‘First timers, always keen.’ I thought to myself. I gave in to her tongue and didn’t hear the door opening.
‘What the fuck?’ A tall chinless man stood in the doorway. I assumed it was James. Lydia pulled away from me, her face wet with my juices. ‘James!’ she exclaimed, clearly shocked.
‘What the hell are you doing?’
I noticed a sudden evil expression cross Sarah’s face. ‘I was licking Sarah’s cunt, James. It only seemed fair given that she’s just given me a fantastic orgasm. It’s a shame you didn’t get here earlier. You might have learned something.’ His face dropped.
‘Collect your things and get back to your little secretary slut, James. She’s welcome to you.’
‘You bitch.’ James turned on his heel and stormed out of the room. We heard the front door slam and Sarah rushed to the window.

‘James.’ He turned round, clearly expecting her to have come to her senses.
‘I want you to know, you’ve got a tiny dick!’
She closed the window and returned to the sofa.
‘Bloody hell! That was impressive.’ I said
‘Yes. I might regret it in the morning but what the hell.’ She picked up the glass of wine and raised a toast.
‘To new friends.’ I joined her in the toast, knowing that the evening was still young and looking forward to our new friendship.

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