Erotica: Framework By Molly Moore

His dominance creates the perfect border around my submission. Like the perfect frame around a piece of art he enhances all that I am and makes it look bolder, better, brighter than it really is. His dominance is like my resting place, my perch. It is a place of safety that I constantly return to for nourishment.

His hands run through my hair and down my back, they are firm and loving, as they complete their journey at the swell of my rump. There is that moment when the warmth of his hand is gone and in those fleeting seconds I brace myself, ready for him. The sound of his hand on me fills the room, creating an invisible slow clapping audience around us.

From this loving home he creates for me I can strike out into the world knowing that my place within our lives is secure. I am more with him, I am stronger with him, I am calmer with him, and I am me with him. Together we make a complete picture; no colours are missing from this world we are making.

The heat increases with every fall of his hand. I can feel my pulse racing and the juices flowing as my body sings out to me its joy at being so very alive. My mind is empty of all my fears and worries, my tired eyes are blazing bright with desire. This moment is my home-coming as he claims me back from the day and frames me once again with his body.

© Molly Moore

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