Erotica: Sharing the Love

Phil looked at his watch again. How late was Mona going to be? He’d already been waiting for 20 minutes. What really annoyed him was that she knew he’d wait for her. He was sure she was deliberately making him suffer. And after what she’d offered, there was no way he was leaving. He ordered another pint, then changed his mind and asked for water instead. Brewer’s droop wasn’t a risk he was prepared to take.

Ten minutes later, Mona walked in, looking gorgeous as ever. Her long red hair almost reached her waist and the leather trousers she wore highlighted her svelte figure. She was chatting to a pretty woman with a blonde bob, deep green eyes and an amazing pair of breasts. He assumed it was Chrissa; her new girlfriend. The skimpy top Chrissa wore under her jacket made it apparent that she wasn’t wearing a bra and he couldn’t help noticing that her breasts were large, full and clearly pert despite their size. Mona had good taste. And lucky for him, she was going through a bi stage so would consider fucking him; something that only happened once every few years and was always worth the wait. He always made sure to treat her well because the rare occasions were so incredible. But this was the first time she’d offered to get a girlfriend involved

“Chrissa and I have got an open relationship.” Mona had explained. “And she felt like some cock too so it seemed to make sense.”

The girls spotted him and came over to his table. “Phil, meet Chrissa. Chrissa, meet Phil. You been waiting long?” said Mona.

“Not really.” Phil lied, having to fight the distraction of Chrissa taking off her jacket, giving him an even clearer view of her breasts. “Drink?”

The girls asked for a bottle of wine. When he returned to the table with a bottle of champagne, Chrissa smiled.

“You were right. He is a sweetie. Cheers.”

“Yes, thanks. You’re a gentleman” Mona was smiling at Phil. When they insisted he sat between them and put a hand each on his thigh, he knew the champagne had been worth it. This was going to be some night.

The girls sipped their champagne, leisurely running their hands up his thigh. His cock was already getting hard; two beautiful women intent on turning him on. What could be better? He soon found out.

“I know I said that Chrissa and I wanted to share you, but there’s a bit of a problem.” His heart fell at Mona’s words.

“Which is?” he asked, nervously.

“We were talking about what we were going to do in the pub the other night and we bumped into Louise. You remember her don’t you – from that party last month? Anyway, she overheard and asked if it would be OK if she joined in too. You don’t mind do you?”

Phil couldn’t believe his luck.

“Um, no, that should be, um…fine.” he said. He remembered Louise; a petite brunette with a taut arse and lips to die for. Mona picked up her mobile and called Louise.

“He’s cool with it. Come on in.” She hung up and explained. “She was waiting next door. Didn’t want it to be awkward for you to say no. Although somehow, we were pretty sure you wouldn’t.”

As Louise walked in, Phil couldn’t help it. “A blonde, brunette and a redhead!” he muttered to himself.

“Just like the Witches of Eastwick.” laughed Mona.

“And you’re going to get a triple witching tonight…” said Chrissa.

Mona moved up so that Louise could squeeze in. “I’ve known him longer than you two. Only fair you get to play more than I do.” She sat across from Phil. “Although it doesn’t mean I don’t get to play at all.” She slipped off her shoe and ran her foot up his leg, until it rested in his groin.

“Hard already.” she said.

Chrissa and Louise moved their hands to his bulge so they could test for themselves. He had three women stimulating his cock at once. He just hoped he wouldn’t come before things got more interesting.

The girls deliberately sipped their champagne slowly, keeping him constantly aroused with strokes and suggestive remarks. When Louise and Chrissa leaned over him to exchange a deep kiss, whilst simultaneously stroking his cock, he almost came there and then. Eventually, they finished the bottle of champagne. ‘At last.’ thought Phil, but then…

“Another one?” asked Mona.

“Don’t be mean. I think the poor guy’s been patient long enough. Although maybe he could get a bottle for us to drink at home?” suggested Chrissa.

“Sounds good to me.” said Louise. They turned expectantly to Phil.

“I’ll be back in a second, he said, standing, readjusting his swollen cock to hide his arousal and going to the bar. “Two bottles of champagne to take out please.” There was no way he was going to go the circuitous route home past the off licence. He wanted to get started as soon as he could.

Ten minutes later, they were back at his flat. He put on a Duran Duran CD, popped open the bottle of champage and went to the kitchen to get some glasses. When he came back, the girls had made themselves cosy on the sofa in his bedroom. Chrissa and Mona were kissing, while Louise sat behind Chrissa and played with her breasts through her top. He admired the view in silence, unwilling to interrupt them by giving them the champagne. Louise noticed him first.

“Are you going to stand there like a lemon or join in then?” If he hadn’t been carrying a tray full of champagne, he’d have run. As it was, he moved as quickly as he could, put down the tray and leaned over to kiss Louise. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. He groaned and began to stroke it, feeling her nipples harden at his touch.

After ten minutes, she was squirming in his hands.

“Kiss my breasts.” begged Louise, pulling off her top. He bent his head and took the pink tip in his mouth, at first just breathing softly on it, then, as she pushed towards him, sucking it into his mouth while his hand caressed her other nipple. He ran his hand down her torso, then groaned as he felt a pair of hands at his fly.

He glanced down to see Mona undoing his jeans while Chrissa was stripping off her own. “I think we need to move you. You’re too difficult to get to” said Mona. “Get on the floor.” The girls got off the sofa, pulling him with them then stripped off the rest of his clothes. He was naked, his erection harder than he’d ever felt it before.

“Lie down.” ordered Mona. He did as he was told.

The girls stripped off, throwing their clothes on to the sofa. He looked them all up and down, feeling hornier than he ever had before.

“OK, who wants to fuck him first?” Mona asked.

“Why don’t we toss for it?” suggested Chrissa. The three girls exchanged a look. They’d clearly done this before.

“Good idea.”

Mona spread Phil’s legs and knelt between them. Chrissa and Louise sat on either side, level with his cock. Chrissa and Louise put a hand each on his shaft while Mona cupped his balls. “Whoever manages to swallow most of his cum wins the first fuck.” said Mona. “But you’re not allowed to go for it until he starts to spurt.”

They got to work. They were obviously well practiced. Chrissa and Louise pumped with a steady rhythm while Mona expertly manipulated his balls, which were getting tighter by the second.

He looked down to see all three girls fixating on his cock. His pre-cum was lubricating his cock and the girls were working as a team; Chrissa was teasing the head and running her fingers over his frenulum whilst her hand moved up and down in time with Louise’s. Louise was gripping the base, playing with the thick vein that ran along the underside of his cock and Mona was alternating soft strokes of his balls with gentle cupping.

The sight of a blonde, brunette and redhead playing with his cock combined with the rush of sensations set him over the edge. His cum started to jet out and all three girls moved to get his cock in their mouths. Chrissa and Louise got there at the same time, ending up french kissing over the head of his cock while they eagerly swallowed his cum. After he’d shot his full load down their throats, they knelt up.

“Verdict?” Chrissa asked, looking at Mona.

“Looked like a tie to me. Reckon you can do them both at the same time?”

Phil looked confused.

“It’s easy enough. If they lie on top of each other over the edge of the bed then you can stand behind them and fuck them both, one thrust for Chrissa, one thrust for Louise. You’d better make sure you’ve got the energy left for me though.” said Mona.

Even though he’d only come seconds before, Phil’s cock started to harden in anticipation.

“Before that, I think you’d better do something for me though. After all, I did organise this for you” Phil nodded and Mona sat astride his face, parting her creamy folds. He smelt her arousal and felt his cock stiffen further.

Mona started to masturbate over his face, rubbing first one, then two, then three fingers over her clit before shoving them inside herself and moving them in and out of her cunt. When she was good and ready, she pulled her fingers out of her cunt and rubbed them over his face before pushing them in his mouth. He eagerly sucked her fingers clean then grabbed her hips and buried his face in her cunt. He sucked her clit while his tongue fucked her cunt, pushing as deep inside her as it could go. He knew she loved it like this; the simulated fucking with his tongue made her desperate for his cock.

Chrissa and Louise moved to Mona to play with a breast each, sucking on her nipples and squeezing her tits while Phil teased her with his tongue. Mona started to ride his face, grinding her clit into his face and forcing his tongue further up her cunt. With the girls sucking her nipples and Phil fucking her with his tongue, it didn’t take long before she came hard in his face, flooding him with pearly white juice. After resting for a while, Mona climbed off his face and wriggled down his body to start sucking his already hardening cock.

Chrissa and Louise moved to the bed. They started to kiss passionately, running their hands over each other’s bodies. Phil sat up to get a better view while Mona ran her tongue over his cock. Louise and Chrissa called to him.

“Ready for double entry then?”

“God, yes.”

Mona moved from his cock to sit at the head of the bed, reaching into her bag to pull out a vibrator. She spread her legs, switched it on and started running the buzzing toy over her clit.

Chrissa lay on top of Louise, who shuffled further over the edge of the bed so that Phil could fuck both of them at the same time.

Both girls spread their legs so that Phil could stand between their thighs. He put his hands down to their cunts and slid a finger into each of them, adding more as their juices started flowing. Soon, he had four fingers in each girl and they were screaming with lust. The smell of sex was thick in the air. His cock was twitching as they moaned for him to fuck them. He could wait no longer.

He slid his cock into Chrissa’s wet hole, loving the way it twitched around his cock. After three thrusts, he moved to Louise’s cunt, making her buck against him. Louise was sucking Chrissa’s tits, making her groan with pleasure. Mona was rubbing the vibrator faster over her clit, watching the lurid scene playing out before her. He continued to alternate thrusts, first Chrissa, then Louise, the concentration required helping him last longer.

As Phil fucked Louise, Chrissa was grinding her clit against Louise’s body. Louise was rubbing her own clit and soon started to gasp hard. “I’m going to come. Put your cock in me while I come.” she begged. Phil obliged and was rewarded by her muscles milking his cock. It took every bit of will power he had to hold back his own orgasm and as soon as she finished coming, he plunged into Chrissa’s cunt and started fucking her hard and fast. She bucked up against him, grinding hard into him and coming minutes later. He could hold back no longer and spilled his load into her waiting hole.

Mona was pretty red faced by now and was clearly close to coming herself but she had other plans first. She went to the end of the bed, pushed Phil away, moved Chrissa to the edge of the bed then licked Phil’s cum out of her cunt. She pushed her vibrator deep inside herself while she was eating out Chrissa. Louise decided she needed a helping hand and moved behind her to fuck her hard with the toy. Watching three beautiful women do such lewd things was getting Phil turned on again and he started to stroke his cock as he watched them.

Mona clearly knew her lover well because before long Chrissa started to come in Mona’s face which set Mona over the edge. Louise held the toy deep inside Mona until her orgasm had subsided, then pulled it out and licked it clean. It was so debased, Phil felt another orgasm start to creep over him and quickly moved to Louise so he could come on her face. She dropped the vibrator and licked the underside of his cock while he wanked in her face. He shot his load over her and Chrissa sat up to lick Louise’s face clean.

They lay in fucked out bliss for a while. Then Mona spoke.

“So are we going to drink that champagne then? You’ll need some time to rest. But you’ve still got to fuck me.”

Phil smiled an exhausted smile, passed the girls their drinks and collapsed on the bed. He knew he was in for a long night.

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