Is it a ‘Wonderful Life’?

‘Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings’ or so they say in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’…

If only life were so simple, innocent and beautiful. Frank Capra’s iconic Christmas classic from 1947 reminds us of those sweeter days. James Stewart is the businessman who loses everything but is saved from suicide by his guardian angel who shows how much worse off everyone would be without him.

But before that we learn how he met and married his first love for whom he said he would ‘lasso the moon’.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but no one has ever offered to lasso the moon for me and if I had married my first love, he would have most certainly scarpered with the petite blonde person he quickly jumped on after dumping me, as he did in real life. Plus I was 19 at the time so was no way ready for marriage, anyhow.

My question is, though, whether people were happier in those simpler times, when they didn’t question relationships and sex, when most didn’t know that much about it? Do we know too much now or do we just have better choices and know more about how to enjoy ourselves.

Back then, men probably had more opportunities to put it about a bit before settling down – especially if they had been away in the war. Women could get up to things, but if they were found out, there would always be a stigma, the risk of becoming a social outcast, disowned by one’s family or put into one of those appalling institutions for ‘unmarried mothers’ if they got ‘in the family way.’

But then again, if you were like George and Mary Bailey, the two lead characters in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ you had fallen in love and never needed to know about other alternatives. So maybe you never experienced a good orgasm, but if you didn’t know what one was, you couldn’t miss it – like I’ve never eaten Beluga caviar, but it’s not going to cast a dark shadow over my life.

There is something to learn from the fairy tale ending in which George is saved from suicide, finds out that even when things go wrong people still love him and is reunited with his family. It may sound twee, even a little sentimental, but surely at this festive time I can be forgiven. So here goes – we all touch people’s lives, even if it’s only in a very small way and whether we believe it or not, we all matter, whether we are having a crappy day or things are going swimmingly. Happy New Year – here’s to a successful, sexy 2013!

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