Erotica: A Master of Arts

Debbie saw him immediately when she walked into the restaurant. He was dressed, as arranged, in a three piece suit with a crisp white shirt and an Oxford college tie. She went up to him walking briskly and not betraying the nerves she felt.

‘You must be James’ she said with a smile, offering her cheek for a peck. James said nothing, did not move.

Debbie sat down and smiled, unsure how to begin the conversation.

‘Did I say you could sit down?’

‘Er no er’

‘No sir’ he said loudly enough for everyone to hear. He was also very well spoken. Debbie was suddenly aware that conversation at other tables had stopped. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

‘Well’ said James ‘Stand up.’

Debbie stood up. .

‘Push your chair in, stand behind it and put your hands on your head. Eyes to the floor.’

Debbie did as she was told..

The waitress approached, a little uncertain.

‘A salad for me please and a glass of red wine.’

‘Madam?’ She turned to Debbie who was blushing uncontrollably.

‘Madam is forbidden to speak. She will not be eating owing to her lack of manners. She will be permitted a glass of milk. Please bring a bowl.’

When the waitress brought the drinks, James poured the milk into the bowl.

‘Put it on the floor, kneel and lap it up like a cat.’

Debbie could sense the dozens of pairs of eyes looking at her as she knelt and lapped up the milk pausing only to look up, yawn like her tabby kitten and miaow. She heard laughter but didn’t care. On a first date she wanted to please. Obeying James was all that mattered. Besides, she liked milk.

James savoured his wine and soon was tucking into his salad.

‘You will eat once you have learned your place. You will call me Sir or Master at all times, you will not speak unless spoken to, you will not sit until invited to do so, you will not use the toilet without permission’…….

‘Please may I go to the toilet Sir?’ whispered Debbie.

‘I can’t hear you’

‘Please may I go to the toilet Sir?’ asked Debbie loud enough for the conversations to stop again.

‘You have five minutes’ said James taking out a pocket watch.

Debbie sat in the ladies and began to play with herself. She thought she might have found the man of her dreams but needed to be sure. She took out her phone and sent James a text.

‘Stuck in loo. Help!’

James came in and Debbie quickly pulled him into the cubicle.

‘I’ve been naughty. I’ve been playing with myself. Please punish me.’

James looked at her then said.

‘Bend over.’

James pulled down her skirt and saw that Debbie had no underwear.

‘For masturbating without permission six strokes. For wearing no knickers like a common slut, a further six strokes’ ’

He spanked Debbie hard and accurately sparing her nothing. She sobbed with pain. At the twelfth stoke she called out.

‘Permission to come sir.’


She knelt before him playing with herself. Then, as he unzipped his flies and pulled out a hard swelling penis, she said quietly.

‘I am yours, forever. My Lord and my Master.’

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