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Kiki Kaboom by Neil Kendall

Kiki Kaboom is a multiple award-winning cabaret goddess who we’ve long admired at Cliterati. Her comedic timing and glorious voice – plus her hotness – make us melt. So who is Kiki? “A fellow performer – the gorgeous Beatrix von Bourbon – described me very early on in my career as “part sex-kitten, part clown, and all woman”. I think that still stands. My attitude to life – and sex – is very much that it is something to be cherished, enjoyed and relished – on your own terms.”

As a performer whose body is as much a part of her act as her talents, does she feel objectified, liberated or both? “It’s not a matter for me of being objectified or liberated – it’s self-expression, entertainment, an inclusive style of performance. The thought of being objectified truly never crosses my mind. The way I perform is completely and utterly down to me, because of me, and on my terms.”

So what inspires her routines? “It depends on the routine. It could be a famous person – for example, Judy Garland – it could be an attitude or a lifestyle I’ve observed – see my Chav routine or Bam Bam, my US ringside girl – it could be my own personal experiences and life story – Geek to Freak is semi-autobiographical I suppose! – or it could be a piece of music, like Bei Mir Bist Du Schon, and the wonderful arrangement I co-wrote on the set of the film (Burlesque Assassins).” Does she have any muses? “I don’t know if they’re muses as such, but fellow performers whose work I really admire – in any field – they inspire me. Fancy Chance, Dusty Limits, Eastend Cabaret, Piff The Magic Dragon, Julie Atlas-Muz, Des O’Connor, Leela Bunce aka Audacity Chutzpah, Meow Meow, The Big-Ass BBQ girls…I could go on….”

As a stalwart of the cabaret scene, what’s the most common myth she can dispel? “That it’s as glamorous off-stage as on. Honestly, backstage, the stories we tell would make your mother weep! On stage it can be poise, elegance, tease – offstage it’s pulling/pushing furiously at various bits of your hair and body and checking none of the wrong bits are showing.”

And does she have any salacious stories she can share? “I’ve certainly had a few moments of intense girl-crushing. You know when you’re in the dressing room with a fellow performer, or watching them on stage, who just has something about them that is so ridiculously HOT and you can’t stop staring – yeah, that! I certainly know of a few salacious cabaret stories – not involving me I might add – but I’m afraid I couldn’t possibly share a story that wasn’t my own.”

So what’s coming next for Kiki? “The next Kiki Kaboom Show (you can see the first two on youtube already). Comedy and collaboration with uber-talented people like Laura Corcoran (aka Frisky from Frisky and Mannish) are certainly areas that I want to explore further.

And who else would she recommend on the scene? “Fancy Chance (burlesque terrorist). Elan (a truly wonderful clown/physical comedian). Camille O’Sullivan. Meow Meow (both wonderful cabaret stars). Catherine D’Lish (sex on a stick). Bret Pfister (aerialist). Kalki Hula Girl. Myra Dubois (acid-tongued drag). Ophelia Bitz (filthy wordsmith). But to be honest, the cabaret, variety, burlesque and alternative scene are bursting with talent at the moment – just go watch a show!”

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Since interviewing Kiki, she has been confirmed on a tour of “The Crack” with Miss Behave and an international variety cast which will tour Sweden next year. Her film “Burlesque Assassins” premiered in London on 9th December and her show with Pete Saunders, “Booze, Blue and Complete Country” will begin a monthly residency at Cellar Door on 23rd January, after its debut in November.

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