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I’ve always been turned on by men who are good with words; novelists, journos, lyricists – you name it, I’ve had them. Falling in lust just from the way someone writes may seem stupid, but let’s face it, surely no more so than judging them solely on the way then look? For a while I’d been lusting after one particular writer. I had no idea what he looked like but every time his column came out, I’d be reading it eagerly to see his latest piece. I’d emailed the writer a few times but they never ran real email addresses, so I didn’t know his name – or even whether there was only the one person I was mailing. He was vaguely flirtatious in his emails to me – but I put that down to the fact that I was rather overt myself. They say that laughter is an aphrodisiac but I’ve got to admit, even I realised things were getting extreme when I found myself getting horny just by reading his work. So when the invitation came through for  his publication’s annual party, I knew I had to go.

I spent ages getting ready, having a long bath, oiling myself all over and wearing my best undies, just in case… I’d invited my girlie mate, Louise, with me so that I’d have someone to talk to. She was also pretty good at attracting attention; a total contrast to my blondeness, with her dark curly hair, and with more of a boyish figure than my voluptuous size 12. We’d happily snogged each other to help each other pull before, and I had to admit, I wouldn’t have minded shagging her. I’d even considered that she could be my fallback position if my mystery writer didn’t arrive (or was ugly)

The doorbell rang and there she was, looking fitter than ever in leather jeans and a clingy T-shirt that clearly showed she wasn’t wearing a bra. As we headed off to the party, I was already tingling with anticipation.When we arrived, the party was already bustling, giving me the problem of trying to identify my man. I went round asking people if they knew my columnist but was met with mostly blank faces. On the plus side, Louise and I didn’t have to pay for any drinks; the male bias of the crowd worked distinctly in our favour.As the evening progressed, the alcohol was beginning to have an effect. I was getting distinctly flirtatious – and then I heard him. I recognised him from one of his jokes – he’d used it in an article a few weeks before. Either that or it was a fan of his quoting one of his jokes…

I turned round to see the source of the joke and was pleasantly surprised to see an attractive bloke – at least from behind – who’d have drawn my attention regardless of his writing. He was standing in the middle of a group of (male) admirers who were hanging on his every word.
“That’s him, I think.” I whispered to Louise. “Come with me.”
He smiled when we joined the group.
“Hi. Nice to see some women here. So who are you?”
We introduced ourselves and he continued his story, clearly acting more as a host than a man out on the pull. Ten minutes later, I was getting nowhere. His audience was rapt and he was playing to the crowd. I just knew it was him – now I had a clearer view I recognized him from his by line pic.

I glanced at Louise. She knew me well enough to understand the look and leaned forward to pull me into a passionate kiss. It had the desired effect. The conversation stumbled and everyone tried to pretend they were ignoring us, while readjusting their packages. I looked up.
“Carry on your story – it was ace.”My target moved almost imperceptibly closer to us and carried on talking. I began to play with Louise’s hair which clearly made a lot of the blokes uncomfortable as they made their excuses and went to the bar. But the person who mattered most stayed. As he talked, I began to flirt, simultaneously stroking Louise’s arm and making sure that she was still involved in the conversation. For some reason, I didn’t want her to leave.

As the evening progressed, the three of us moved to sit in a booth. Louise was drinking as fast as I was and I was beginning to feel quite turned on by my second choice. But when my man started to flirt with me too, I wanted him. There was one easy solution.”Stay where you are. We’ll be back in a sec.” I said, and dragged Louise off to the loos with me.
“I’ve got a question for you.” I said, as soon as we got to the loos.”
“Which is?”
“Would you like things to go further between us.”
She took a deep breath.
“I never thought you’d ask. God, yes.”
“Mind if we have someone else there?”
“Like the gorgeous bloke we’ve got waiting for us in the bar?” she said, with a twinkle in her eye.
“Why the hell not.”We stumbled back out into the bar, giggling, and joined our ‘victim’ back at the table.
“What you giggling about?” he asked.
“We’ve got a proposition for you.”
“Go on.”
“How’d you like to take us both home?”
He looked faintly shocked – as any man would – then said with a slightly croaky voice “Let me just sort a couple of things out.”Five minutes later, he was back at the table.
“There’s a cab waiting for us outside.”
We piled into the cab and sat one either side of him. I put my hand on his left thigh while Louise started to stroke his right thigh. He had a hard time getting his address out – for some reason, speaking wasn’t coming easily to him – but soon we were speeding our way back to his flat. It took a while and, as the journey progressed, so did our behaviour. By the time we got back to his place, Louise and I had both snogged him and our hands had moved up his thighs to feel his length.We got inside his flat and he offered us both a coffee. While he was in the kitchen, Louise and I were seriously horny and turned to each other to sate our urges. By the time he came back, I’d already got her top off and was sucking on her nipples. He stood in awe watching until Louise turned to him and asked if he’d like to join us.

Eager is not the word. He joined us on the sofa in a second.We slid apart again and began to strip him, Louise  unbuttoning his shirt while I stripped his lower half off. His cock was already hard, for some reason. When Louise and I saw it, we both slid to our knees and started to suck him; first, her on his shaft while I licked his balls, then swapping and finally French kissing each other over the head of his cock.

The sight of two women sucking him off clearly did the trick and he came hard, spurting our faces with cum.Louise and I were still understandably horny and moved to the floor to sort each other out. Her fingers plunged into my cunt, making me groan. He was watching us, his cock already beginning to stiffen again, and when I came around her fingers, I could see him twitch.
“Your turn now.” I said, and moved between Louise’s thighs.
I started by just breathing on her clit, my warm breath tantalising her until she was begging me to lick her. My tongue snaked forward to taste her sweet nectar while my lips worked on her clit. I loved the way she tasted – and told her as much – before plunging my tongue back inside her. By the time I’d added my fingers to the equation and was rubbing her G-spot while my tongue licked her clit, she was writhing on the floor.

And then I felt him. I’d been so engrossed at the task in hand that I hadn’t seen him move – but I certainly felt it as he slid his cock into me. Every thrust pushed my face further into Louise – and sent me nearer orgasm. He reached around to grope my tits, looking over my shoulder to see the juncture between my mouth and Louise’s cunt. I could feel his cock getting even harder inside me as he watched me lick her out. I sped the movement of my fingers, pushing harder and deeper into Louise adding another finger and then she was spasming around me, filling my mouth with her creamy juices. I carried on tasting her until she pushed my head away and lay back, gasping. I still had a cock pushing into me and moved my fingers to my clit to rub myself while he fucked me. Even after coming once, I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

Louise clearly recovered quickly and when she started to wank, that was it. He started to come inside me,and pushed back against him, eager to get him as deep inside me as I could. We lay on the floor together to recover, all langorously stroking each other.
“I don’t know about you.” I said. “But I could really do with a shower.”
As I saw the response from my willing companions, I knew the evening was far from over.And I was pretty sure it’d get a good write up.

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