Erotica: My Night as a Stripper

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I’ve always like being the centre of attention. I get a thrill out of knowing people’s eyes are on me and I’m controlling things. The night that I went to a strip bar with my boyfriend was no exception. I’d been with him for just over a year, and we were just getting to the stage when we could explore our fantasies together. When I told him I’d always liked the idea of being a stripper, he scoured the local lap dancing club listings for an ‘open night’ and after a few weeks of searching, he found one. I knew I was ready for my fantasy to come true – as long as the club wasn’t too sleazy – and we both felt horny planning the evening together. He helped me choose an outfit that was easy to remove and willingly watched me parade around in various underwear combinations until we both decided that my black silk knickers which tied at the side and a matching bra would be perfect. I had a great afternoon pampering myself; shaving, exfoliating and rubbing body lotion into every inch of my body, knowing that tonight I’d be showing myself off.

We arrived at the club early, keen to suss out the competition. I was pleased to note it was clean and surprisingly slick looking, rather than the dark seedy pit I’d been nervous about encountering. The light was designed to be flattering. The pole-dominated stage was surrounded by elegantly designed tables, and there were velvet clad booths with curtains around the edges of the club: I guessed they were for private dancers.

We selected a table near the stage and ordered a drink from the barely clad waitress. Looking around, I could see a few other couples but was confident that I was the best looking woman other than the staff in the place.

After a couple of drinks I was getting eager to start.

When do you think the competition’s going to start?”

At that moment, as if they’d heard me, a compere came on stage. Dressed in an evening suit, he was tanned, blonde and good looking.

Good evening ladies and gentleman. You’ve got a great evening of entertainment ahead of you tonight because it’s our amateur evening. Yes, tonight you’ll get to see women who have never stripped before up here on stage for your pleasure. At the end of the evening, you’ll be voting to see which one of the girls should win £500 and a regular slot here, so make sure you play close attention.2

He leant towards the audience conspiratorially. “But I’m sure you’ll be doing that anyway. To start the night’s proceedings, please welcome one of our favourite regulars, Tahiti, here to show all you girls how it should be done.”

The crowd went wild as a tall brunette came out dressed in a cowgirl outfit. She danced around waving her gun in the air, firing a few caps into the air and seductively blowing the smoke away from the top of her gun, before tucking it into her holster. She began to peel off her short suede dress to reveal a skimpy chamois bra and G-string. The crowd was rapt, staring at her pert tits and arse. “God,” I worried, “I hope that it’s the lights making her look that good.” I was confident in my size 10 figure but she had a dancer’s body, toned, taut and tanned.

I grabbed another drink and necked it to give myself the confidence I needed. Tahiti was swinging on the pole by her thighs, undoing her bra top by this stage. I marvelled at her gymnastic ability and began to feel horny as she revealed her breasts. Her nipples were hard and the grin on her face suggested she was genuinely enjoying herself. As the music came to an end, she descended the pole, picked up her clothes and left the stage. I knew my time was coming soon but thought I’d let some other amateur go first. I didn’t want to be compared to Tahiti – she was too good.

My luck was in. The second the compere came on stage to solicit a new girl, a table of girls in the corner went wild. I glanced over. A hen night: Clearly a bit wilder than most of the one’s I’d been to, it must be the bride’s last request. Either that or she’d been stitched up horribly by her mates.

Sure enough, a drunken blonde in a wedding dress with ‘L’ plates clambered up on to the stage. She was pretty enough but as the DJ started playing Like a Virgin and she began to gyrate, it was clear she had no sense of rhythm. I mentally blessed the dance lessons I’d had when I was younger, knowing that when she finished, I’d go next. She was failing miserably and I wanted to make sure that I’d look good.

After a minute of stumbling and peeling off her clothes, the compere let her out of her misery. “And a big thanks to Mandy for being such a sport.”

A security man helped Mandy off the stage, to the cackles of her friends who were waving cameras in the air.

So who’s next for tonight’s challenge? There must be some gorgeous babe out there who wants to show us what she’s got.” That was my cue. I stood up and started walking to the stage. The compere whistled. “We’ve got a foxy one here ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce…” he leant over to get my name. “…Amber. Give her a large hand.”

There were a few whoops and whistles and the DJ started the music, Poison by Alice Cooper, one of my favourite records to dance to. I sidled slowly up to the pole and began to strut my stuff. I wasn’t going to risk making a fool of myself by getting too ambitious so I leant back against the pole and started writhing against it. I moved my hands above my head so that I was arched against the pole, giving the audience a prime view of my toned thighs underneath my short black skirt. With the lights on me and the alcohol in my bloodstream, I began to get really into it and started running my hands up and down my thighs, raising my skirt high enough to give a clear view of my stocking tops. A whoop from the crowd spurred me on and I turned round, swaying my arse at the crowd. I’d seen enough strippers on cable to realise that now was the time to remove my top so untied my halterneck, threw it on the floor and turned back to face everyone. The cheers were getting louder and I felt a wave of lust shoot through my loins.

I started playing with my breasts, squeezing them together and rubbing my nipples, which were getting harder by the second. I was getting a thrill about performing for a crowd and wanted to keep the momentum going so I slid my skirt to the floor and danced in front of them wearing nothing more than my tiny knickers, stockings and suspenders and a bra. That, I decided had to go, so I turned away from the audience and unclipped it, slipping the straps off my shoulders. They knew what was coming next and the tension was fantastic. I turned to face them, holding my bra on from the front, then whipped it off to reveal my breasts. I grabbed on to the pole and began to walk round it, parading myself for all of them to see. I could feel myself getting damp, and was loving every second.

I unclipped my suspenders, threw them at my boyfriend and rolled my stockings off seductively. The song was almost at an end so I knew I had very little time left. Grabbing the ties on my knickers, I pulled them to reveal myself fully to the crowd. I slid to my knees, leaned back so that I was facing them full-frontal, and put a hand down to my pussy, parting my lips so that they could see how wet I was. I slid a finger up myself and the roar reached a deafening level. I bucked against my hand, simulating orgasm as the song came to a close, realising I was close to coming in reality.

The compere bounced on to the stage. “Wow! Well folks, that was Amber. Clearly a very uninhibited young lady. Next up we’ve got Dion.”

The security bloke led me from the stage and handed me my clothes.

That was pretty wild!” he said , as he led me through a set of curtains into the backstage area to get changed.

But did you like it?” I asked flirtatiously, eying him up and down. He was a big bloke, with huge hands that I imagined gripping my buttocks.

Oh yes.”

He gestured downwards and I noticed his erection straining in his tight trousers.

I could do something about that for you if you want?” I was high on adrenaline and felt like being wild.

I’m not supposed to do anything with the girls.”

But I don’t work here.”

I dropped to my knees and unzipped his trousers, pulling his cock out with difficulty because it was so hard, thick and at big. I leaned forward and started lapping at his cock, knowing that I’d have to be quick because the next girl would be through soon. I took it as far down my throat as I could, enjoying the salty tang and feeling like some erotic connoisseur as I deep throated him. I’d learned long ago that if your hand took most of the length, it was easy enough to do. He made a gutteral noise at the back of his throat, clearly near to coming.

What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

My boyfriend had come through the curtains. I turned to face him.

Shit, I, I…”

You were horny from dancing and had to get some cock, didn’t you? Well, I’m horny too, particularly after seeing you sucking a stranger’s cock like some cheap slut.”

He got his cock out and pushed my face back into the guard’s crotch. The guard looked relieved that he wasn’t about to get any trouble and couldn’t believe his luck that he was still going to get to come down my throat. My boyfriend thrust into me from behind, ramming my hole with his length.

You loved knowing everyone in here wanted you. Didn’t you?”

I could hardly reply as my mouth was stuffed with cock so I groaned to show I ageed. The vibration sent the security guard over the edge and he started thrusting hard, almost choking me as he spilt his cum into my mouth. My cheeks were full and I struggled to swallow it all before it leaked out of my mouth. My boyfriend was hammering it in, deeper and deeper and I couldn’t stop myself from coming around him, pulsing again and again, making me bite my lip to stop myself screaming with pleasure. He grabbed hold of my buttocks hard and pushed his cock up me as far as it would go, shooting his load up me and setting off a fresh wave of spasms. He pulled out of me and turned me round to face him, still on my knees, and made me lick him clean before he put his cock away.

‘Get your clothes on you little tramp.’ He said, but there was good humour in his voice. He’d liked sharing me with another man as much as I had. “We’re going home and you can apologise to me properly for what you’ve done.”

As we left, the compere said goodbye. “Great show, Amber. Not staying to find out if you’ve won?”

No – got to get home, bit of a domestic emergency.”


Don’t worry though,” said my boyfriend. “She’ll be back here next week.”

I looked at him amazed.

And next time,” he whispered in my ear, “I think you’ll have more than two of us to play with. Maybe even some of the girls too?”

An erotic shudder shot through me.

Looking forward to it,” I whispered back.

And I was.

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