Toy Review: Doc Johnson Premium Silicone Little End

There was a time when anal was considered the last taboo in sexual ventures, but as we’re all becoming more adventurous between the sheets it’s simply become another element of many people’s bedroom repertoire. It’s as common as missionary for some and preferred by many!

Sadly, I missed the memo of how un-taboo anal is these days and it’s actually still a pretty big hurdle yet to be jumped. Finding the right toy with which to broach anal has involved lots of “umm-ing” and “ahh-ing” between me and my willing co-tester, but finally we settled on the Doc Johnson Premium Silicone Little End.

Attracted to it because of it’s very unintimidating size, it’s the ideal starting point for even the most apprehensive of anal beginners, which I was. Measuring only three and a half inches, for a butt plug it looks pretty cute and is a comfortable amount to be inserted to pop your anal cherry.

The tapered shape is nice and rounded at the end, making it comfortable on insertion, and although it increases in size the further down you go it’s very gradual and one smooth motion, as opposed to beads for example.

Made from 100 percent quality silicone, the Little End was soft and smooth too and there were no seams to worry about – or none that we noticed while testing anyway. Lathered up with plenty of water-based lube (we used Pink Frolic as it’s slightly thicker for toy play, but still safe with silicone toys) it made for a comfortable and easy first, er, ride?

What also set this plug apart from some of the other smaller beginner plugs we came across was the size of the flared base. It was larger than any of the others seen on the market, making it easy to get a whole-hand grip on it, especially important with so much lube around. Doing this means that controlling and manipulating the plug was simpler, so stopping, twisting, pushing it in and pulling it out for retrieval was much easier, making it more comfortable and possible for you to go at your own pace. Using one with a finger ring may not offer quite as much control as you’d like for a virgin voyage.

Super easy to clean as there are no patterns or designs on it, means it’s a hygienic toy as well. After use either wash well in warm, soapy water or spray with an antibacterial cleaner and wipe.

If the idea of anal is only just starting to pick up on your sexual radar, then the Little End is definitely a fantastic toy to help you take a positive first step into exploring these new depths.

The Doc Johnson Little End is available in charcoal for £12.99 from 

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