Toy Review: nü Sensuelle Point 20

There’s a new breed of super bullet that’s hitting the adult toy shop shelves. Gone are the days when a bullet will only offer three simple speeds. The likes of Rocks Off and the We Vibe Tango from Love Honey have redefined the qualities a good bullet vibrator for the clitoris should include, such as coming to a point so all of the delicious vibration is delivered right where you need it; revving up the power to previously unheard of levels; adding in more vibration patterns than you can count on one hand, and making the unit rechargeable or capable of being powered off bigger batteries so you no longer need to fiddle around with those little watch style batteries.

Super bullets offer all this, while still including the characteristics we’ve come to love: they’re small and compact; easy to push one button controls and most importantly of all can nestle comfortably against your clit to deliver intense orgasms within minutes!   

So now there’s a new name that can be added to this league of super bullets: the nü Sensuelle Point 20.

To give you some idea of how powerful this clitoral vibrator is, it comes with a recommendation on the back of the box to only use it for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time because of the intense power of the motor. Having tried it, we definitely advise you heed this warning and, to be honest, we’re not sure you’d even need 20 minutes to reach the Big O when using one of these!

Turn it on by pressing and holding the soft button for two seconds. It begins on the mildest vibration setting, but even this is mind-blowingly intense.  It’s been a while since our socks have literally exploded off our feet thanks to something so small, but as soon as the nü Sensuelle Point 20 comes into contact with your clit you won’t be able to stop your hips bucking and thighs quivering. This is one bullet not to be used by the faint-hearted and as you scroll through the 20 different vibration settings, even experienced players may find this little treasure a handful. Once you’ve had your fill, to turn off hold the button for three seconds.

No bigger than the length and thickness of a woman’s middle finger, it’s mind boggling that there are 20 modes compacted into this sleek vibrator. We counted, just to make sure, and you have the pleasure of experiencing a variety of pulses, waves, continuous buzzing at a number of different speeds. To help you define the pattern, the base of the toy is fitted with a blue light that flashes to reflect the motor mode. Very useful if you quickly want to scroll through to find a particular favourite.

Without doubt the power of this bullet is phenomenal, but could also be it’s downfall, or prevent it from being a regular play mate. Some users may find it too intense, to the point it’s uncomfortable on some of the faster settings – never thought we’d hear ourselves saying that – and it will leave you with a slightly numb hand after. Advice: don’t plan to sit down and jot a hand written note after. It may take a while!

It will also only run on full power for a maximum of 45 minutes after a three hour charge. Such is the strength of the motor it drains pretty quickly.

Thank goodness it’s rechargeable then, rather than having to fork out a small fortune in batteries. The nü Sensuelle Point 20 comes complete with a magnetic charger, which you can either plug into a mains socket or a USB port. Simply plug the white wire into the charger and at the other end of the wire is a USB connection than you can either put straight into your computer, or slot into the included plug with a USB port and then into a mains socket on your wall. At the base of the vibrator are two magnetic prongs, which the charger sticks to and then away you go.

These charging options – along with the compact size of the charging station and toy itself – make it the ideal travel companion. When charging a light around the base will flash blue and turn red when full, so you can avoid over charge and possible damage to your bullet.

With power there usually comes noise, but the nü Sensuelle Point 20 is surprisingly quiet. We wouldn’t go as far as silent, or Lelo standard whisper quiet, but certainly if you’re in a house share, playing solo or shacked up in a hotel, it won’t be the noise from the toy you’ll be worrying about.

The nü Sensuelle Point 20 costs £34.19 and is available from  


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  • 20 minutes maximum? What’s the hurry!!!

  • Meredith commented on October 10, 2013 at 15:44

    It’s incredibly powerful…. My boyfriend used it on me for the first time last night and I’m still wowing at the inteensity… A sound investment!

  • disapointed boyfriend commented on February 8, 2014 at 05:29

    It was so promising untill it failed after running through the settings. My girlfriend an I were getting ready to use it when it malfunctioned. Now it doesn’t do anything. Just turns off. I tried to find a troubleshooting site to no avail. I hope the store owner will refund or replace it. Very disapointing!

  • angel commented on January 7, 2015 at 14:11

    Very disappointed mine stopped working I brought it in Pennsylvania but I live in Hawaii so no refund for me ;-(

  • Megan commented on June 8, 2015 at 15:37

    Very impressed it would work for a hr at a time, concidering I use it often n for long periods n time it worked for about 6 months almost everyday for atleast a hr at a time, n it started not charging properly but I just bought a new one love it!!

  • kara commented on June 9, 2015 at 18:59

    Look mine just st stopped vibrating it was a gift but cost a hundred buck haven’t had. It 6 months

  • Rose commented on July 26, 2015 at 06:24

    Used it once by my lonesome for less than 20 min. Went to turn it on a day later…dead. Lights blink. Charged it. Lights blink. Just defective. I have registered it with the co and keep trying to get a RFA # so that I can get it replaced. I can’t get a reply from them. I bought the curve. I’m very disappointed.

  • Bob commented on August 10, 2015 at 10:20

    DO NOT BUY!!!!

    My partner and I bought this product and were really happy with it at first.

    Then after a few weeks it malfunctioned.
    So we exchanged it.
    A couple of weeks later the second one malfunctioned.

    We returned it 5 times with the promise that if we charged it a different way it would work etc.

    No luck.

    Eventually we went for another brand.

    *DO NOT BOTHER!!!!*

  • Have had 2, it stopped charging both times. What a rip off, its pricey, i loved it but its a defective product

  • Lisa commented on December 23, 2015 at 00:32

    Got to agree with most of the comments here – bought it from an online sex toys store but it was a let down.

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