Erotica: Man on Man

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I’d always been curious about seeing two men together so, when my friend (and fuck-buddy) Alex mentioned he fantasised about men occasionally, my mind started to wander. Would having a threesome that really was three way be fun? Or would I feel ignored? I figured if we could find a willing – and bi – bloke to join us, then it could be a rather entertaining way to spend a night. And it would certainly be an experience.

Both of us decided that we’d feel safer with someone that one of us knew. It was just a case of finding someone who we both found attractive. My work-mate, Ben, sprang to mind. He was exactly my type – and I knew he was a good fuck because we’d had a ‘thing’ after the office party – but more importantly, he was bi. I knew because he’d split up with me to date a rather tasty Greek guy. Strangely, I hadn’t been hurt by our split; after all, it was really just a sex thing with us. So we’d stayed friends.

On Monday, I explained my idea to Ben. He was more than happy to “break in a virgin – if he’s fit. They’re always so keen.”

“You will be gentle with him?”

“At first,” Ben winked. I knew he was joking – and that Alex was in for a great time if he and Ben fancied each other.

We arranged to meet at a bar on Friday night.

“Don’t want work the next morning to spoil things, after all,” Alex had said.

He was a bit nervous, but, given the amount of dirty conversations we had about it that week, was looking forward to things too.

Friday night came. From the second Ben and Alex set eyes on each other, it was clear that there was chemistry. Three beers down the line, I was sitting next to Alex with a hand on one thigh, while Ben stroked his other. I’d got lucky and was on the side he ‘dressed’ on so could tell exactly how aroused he was.

“Another drink? Or back to the flat?” I asked when we finished our beers.

“Flat sounds good to me,” said Ben. “Alex?”

I could feel Alex’s cock throb as he said “Cool.”

In the cab on the way home, things got more heated. The cabbie would have assumed we were innocently chatting but at waist level, Alex had his fingers in my cunt while I stroked his cock and he stroked Ben’s. OK, there was a bit of a give-away when the sound of zips being pulled up accompanied the cabbie’s request for his fare but by that time, we didn’t care, we were that aroused.

When we got inside, I went to get more beer but when I came back, Ben and Alex were kissing, tops already off. I felt a thrill go through me as I saw two men I fancied kissing passionately, hands roaming all over each other. It was as erotic as I’d imagined it to be. And as Alex started to kiss down Ben’s chest to his cock, I could see what Ben meant about ‘virgins’ being keen.

I waited until Alex had Ben’s cock deep in his mouth, my clit pulsing as I saw Ben’s head fall back in arousal, before wandering over.

“Starting without me?”

“You’re overdressed,” said Ben, pulling me to the sofa and undoing my top as his hips thrust in Alex’s face. Alex was groaning and I could see him tugging on his own cock as he eagerly fellated Ben. I followed suit, pushing my hand into my knickers as Ben kissed my breasts, sucking on my nipples, his hands pinching and teasing – and occasionally wandering down to push Alex’s face deeper onto his cock. Ben’s touch got fiercer as he neared orgasm; I could recognise the signs.

“I’m going to come,” he moaned, giving Alex warning that just made him speed the movements of his hand and press his lips further down the base of Ben’s cock. As Ben groaned and shot his load in Alex’s mouth, I watched Alex’s cock spurt, harder and stronger than I’d ever seen him come before.

We curled up on the sofa together.

“You’re a quick learner,” said Ben.

“You liked it?” Alex was clearly surprised.

“You’re a natural.”

“Sorry to interrupt, boys, but what about me?” I said, half teasing but cunt wet and clit throbbing.

“God, sorry. We’re not being very gentlemanly. Come here, you,” said Ben, pulling me to him for a deep kiss. I felt Alex’s lips on my neck and writhed between their two bodies, loving the sensation but wanting more; a lot more.

Ben sensed my frustration and kissed slowly down my body, burying his face in my cunt as Alex moved to kiss me. I could taste Ben’s spunk in his mouth.

“Happy?” I whispered to Alex.

He moved my hand to his cock in response, and I could feel it hard in my hand; he ususally took far longer than this to recover.

I started to wank his shaft as Ben sucked on my clit. He always was incredible at oral and as his tongue pushed inside me, the soft underside of his lips teasing my clit and two fingers buried inside me, I knew I was close to coming. But I wanted to wait. I’d never had a cock in each hole and knew if I came, I wouldn’t be able to take it. And right now, I wanted to.

“Get the lube,” I said to Alex. I felt his cock twitch and knew he thought he was the one who was going to get fucked.

“For me, first,” I said. “If you don’t mind fucking me up the arse?”

He got even harder. I’d never let him do that before, and, as the man with the smaller cock, he was definitely the one getting that particular place. He did as he was told.

Ben was still continuing his ministrations but, as I felt myself near the edge, I pushed him away.

“Not yet. I want to feel you both.”

“Well, what the lady wants…”

Ben lay on his back and I sat astride him, loving the way that he stretched my cunt. I heard Alex moanas he came in to see me riding Ben and looked up at him, gesturing for him to pass the lube. Still riding Ben, I squeezed the lube onto my hand and rubbed it into my arsehole, pushing a finger inside me to get myself ready.

Alex knelt behind me and just rubbed his cock against my arse. I waited until I could feel myself starting to relax then gradually pushed pack, taking him bit by bit, feeling pain at first but, as he got deeper, the pain giving in to pleasure. I felt so slutty, riding two cocks and, as I started to graon loudly, both men sped their movements, pushing harder, faster, deeper, stronger. My clit was rubbing against Ben’s body as I got totally fucked. I closed my eyes and gave into the sensation, focussing all thoughts on my clit, my cunt my arse, and then “Fuck!” I was coming, hard, my twitching muscles setting Alex off. He shot inside me and I felt my orgasm intensify. Then, as he gradually pulled out, I collapsed on Ben’s chest.

“So,” I said, as my breath returned “Want me to carry on? Or do you want to fuck him?”

I knew what his answer would be. I climbed off him and sat on the sofa to watch.

By the end of the weekend – because there was no way any of us were leaving until we absolutely had to – I’d watched Ben fuck Alex, Alex fuck Ben, had both of them in every imaginable place and combination and had enough memories to last me for a lifetime of wanking. My curiosity was sated; now, I just wanted to do it again.

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