Erotica: In a Lady’s Garden


When Valerie invited me to her party, I found out she was older than my mother.

‘I’m 60’ she said ‘and I’m retiring. I’ve a lot to celebrate.’

I knew my neighbour as a keen gardener. Every day she was out in the garden, in her old clothes, spectacles on a string around her neck which she would put on to peer at any visitors until she recognised them. At the party I saw a different Valerie in a low cut dress and heels. I could not take my eyes off her.  She had lived, she had loved and the lines, the sags, the marks of age I suddenly found deeply erotic, like contours on the map of her loving. When I left she gave me a hug. I pressed her close, felt her body against mine. My penis stiffened.

‘I want you’ I said. Not waiting for an answer I turned and left, not looking back.

The following day I was out in the garden when I heard Valerie making her way to the  potting shed. She was in her gardening attire of check shirt, jeans, wellington boots, her blond hair tied back, the glasses dangling from their string.

I climbed over the fence and crept into the shed. She did not turn round, said nothing as if she was expecting me. I pressed myself against her, slid a hand up her shirt and felt inside the cup of her bra to fondle her right breast. She offered no resistance. She pushed against me throwing her head back. I kissed her hair. I was suddenly hard and she said

‘I think you’ve got a birthday treat for me.’

She took my left hand and placed it inside her jeans.

‘Before you plant a tree’ she said ‘You have to prepare the garden.’

She pushed my hand down and guided me to her clit which I began to massage with my index finger.

‘That’s just how I like it’ she said.

As I moved my finger up and down she began to moan before the jeans fell down around her ankles followed by her panties. She bent over the potting bench.

‘Take me’ she said simply. ‘Plant a birthday tree in my garden.’

I pushed and slid in easily, she was very wet. I felt the foreskin rolling back as my prick swam into the soft dark seas of her pussy. I felt another surge as it hardened even more and grew even bigger. I moved rhythmically in and out Valerie purred with delight before coming with a shout that reverberated in the stillness of a suburban Sunday afternoon..

As I withdrew Valerie turned quickly round, knelt before me and took my penis in her mouth.  She was thirty five years older than me, had a beauty that only the years could give. Sex with younger women would never be the same again.

She moved back and forth along my penis, brought me to ejaculation and swallowed.

‘The cream on my birthday cake,’ she said and smiled.

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