Toy Review: Top Three Dildos for Valentine’s Day Gifts 2013

D.1_stone_5Laid D.1 Stone Dildo

There is nothing I don’t like about this item: from the classy eco packaging to the beautiful natural look and feel of the stone, just as Vibrator Kingdom sits comfortably towards the top of my favourite five online adult stores, their Laid D.1 Dildo also features highly in my all-time top five sex toys. This is because the Laid D.1 is simply outstanding in both function and form.

Firstly, the toy (and to call it that seems like a misnomer, since it is oh-so much more) is made of polished Blue Pearl Larvikite from Norway (also called Black Norwegian Moonstone) which means that not only is it incredibly easy on the eye, it’s also smooth, shiny and extremely easy to clean and use: you don’t even really need lube to get started.

Secondly, the irregular shape of the D.1 emphasises the sheer quality of the design –the insertion end of the dildo is deliberately made subtly asymmetrical to enable you to move it internally until you find the precise placing and pressure for your G-Spot.

Thirdly, the heavy feel of the dildo is a turn-on in itself. If you’re someone who likes to feel ‘full’ or really enjoys the sensation of penetration, then you’ll find the unusual weight of the D.1 incredibly seductive. Essentially, it’s just as mind-blowing in practice as it is visually stunning.

Finally, like any truly beautiful object the D.1 will bring you pleasure just through the knowledge that you have it in your possession. In addition it’s an exceptionally unique sex aid which will last a lifetime, and for that alone it’s worth every penny – and more. Unparalleled.

The Laid D.1 Stone Dildo is available from Vibrator Kingdom for £89.99


The Bone from The Kinky Drawer Wooden Dildo G-Spot Double-Ended

The Bone

I’ve written about The Kinky Drawer’s incredible bespoke wooden dildo service before (here and here), so when they sent me an off-the-peg product to review I was interested to see how it would measure up. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed – in fact, I was very impressed.

This is because The Bone is every bit as gorgeous as you could hope for from a handmade sex toy: its carefully sanded and varnished surface leaves it gleaming and smooth, and the wood feels warm and organic to the touch.

The angled aspect makes The Bone ideal for double-ended use, and its differently sized and shaped bulb tips ensure an adaptable experience for any mood. Thanks to its carefully considered curve it’s a fantastic G-Spot toy, and incredibly easy to angle since you can use the handy external end as extra leverage.

The dildo is also compatible with all lubes, easy to clean, and comes in a cute handmade pouch. What’s not to love? Highly recommended.

The Bone is available from TheKinkyDrawer for £69.99


Glass Intimo Minako G-Spot Glass DildoGlass Intimo Minako G-Spot Glass Dildo

When I set my eyes on this little baby I just knew I had to have it: from the flared base through the textured curvy shaft to the bulb at the top it just screamed G-Spot satisfaction.

Not only is it handmade, it’s also reasonably priced and a joy to behold: the colours that run through the tip are rich and vibrant, and when the light reflects off its angled surfaces it’s really quite sparkly – almost like having a dildo made of diamonds or quality crystal.

The flat, flared base makes the Minako easy to hold when inserted, and because it’s made of glass it’s great for temperature play: you can warm or chill the dildo to your heart’s content, just be sure to add lube before use.

I’ve already mentioned how the Minako dildo’s the ideal accompaniment to the celebrated Eroscillator wand, but really it would make the perfect partner for any vibrator since its external end isn’t too obstructive.

Bringing a touch of glass to G-Spot toys and dildos alike (sorry, couldn’t resist), the Minako is simply dazzling. High glass (and don’t tell me you didn’t see that one coming).

The Minako G-Spot Glass Dildo by Glass Intimo is available from Lovehoney for £38.99

Liquid Silk lube is available from Lovehoney for £9.99
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