Wise Counsel From Susan Quilliam: Sex tips for Girlfriend’s Birthday

Dear Susan
I love my girlfriend to bits and though we can’t be together on her birthday, I want to give her the night of her life when we do meet at the weekend. Any ideas?
Dear Sean
Where to start? There’s so many things that you could do here that it would take you months just to list them and decide. There are sex books that contain thousands of tips – so hit a bookstore and browse the shelves; anything by Tracey Cox is bound to give you some inspiration. There are sexy videos that could give you a starting point for action – browse the internet and then choose a few that seem more women-oriented; get too laddish and you might turn her off rather than on.
Or, think back to the three times that your girlfriend says she’s had the best sex ever – and work out what the two of you were doing during those sessions. Was it lots of raunch… was it hours of foreplay… was it fantasy or dressing up? Those memories should point you in the right direction.
Better still, between now and meeting up, write out a ‘menu’ of things you think she might like, then when you get to the bedroom, tell her that the night is hers – she can choose anything and everything from the menu and you will oblige.
What a lucky girl your lady is!

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