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Pillows Foreplay girl on backWhat would you say if I told you that one of the most innovative adult toys I’d seen in the last few years was an inflatable sex pillow? It sounds extremely improbable, but that’s the somewhat surprising conclusion Mr Roger More and I came to after extensive and rigorous testing of the Pillow Foreplay.

To explain: the Pillow Foreplay is an inflatable toy incorporating a hole in which you place your favourite vibrator or dildo, so that you can then ride the Pillow like a lover and yet still have your hands free for extra fun. Needless to say, the Pillow was a huge hit in our house, but I can’t deny that it was most perplexing that such a dubious item could prove so appealing for both myself and Roger too, who enjoyed being able to watch it in action.

So let me talk you through this unlikely sex object: consider if you will a plastic pillow made of medical grade polyurethane, which is phthalate-free and substantially longer but no wider than a standard British pillow. It’s inflated through two tubes, either by blowing with your mouth or using a suitable pump if you have one (we used an electric airbed pump which didn’t actually fit, but cupping a hand around it to direct the air into the valve inflated the Pillow perfectly adequately). There’s also an in-built hand pump which is designed to swell the area around the vibrator or dildo of your choice to keep it in place (a seemingly simple but extremely effective method), which backs supports the claim from PF HQ that the Pillow “accepts 99% of vibrators and dildos”. In addition we were sent a wipe-clean satin pillow case, in which all the external air features mentioned above could be zipped up neatly inside out of the way.

Putting the Pillow Foreplay through its paces was great fun: firstly I trawled through our Sex Chest to find a large (and small!) variety of dildo and vibrators. They all fitted perfectly and didn’t move around during use, no matter what the width, length or style of the toy.

So what’s it like having sex with a pillow? Well, as many a teenage girl discovering her nascent sexuality might tell you, it feels kinda nice. And with an added vibrator or dildo it feels even better – especially when you can inflate the pillow as much or as little as you like to get the perfect fit for your body shape or weight. I’m guess it’s as close as a woman could get to having a blow-up male (or female) doll which would actually be functional in the right way for a female user, and as such it was surprisingly sexy from the mental aspect too, due to the sheer filthiness of fucking for the sake of it.

The image on the Pillows Foreplay website shows a woman on her back holding the pillow to her chest in the missionary style, but personally I found it most effective riding it cowgirl. It was brilliant being able to combine the pillow with my favourite penetrative sex toys depending on what mood I was in (especially as I’m a sex toy snob when it comes to adult toys), and great how easy it was to inflate or deflate the pillow during use to get the perfect position for me personally. Not only that, but using it with a vibrator sent pulsations right up and down the length of the Pillow – which were most welcome!

In fact, the Pillows Foreplay proved surprisingly useful in more general bedroom naughtiness too, enabling us arrange ourselves at the right height for the more challenging positions (note to self: increase yoga classes), and lessening the athletic energy needed in various sexual poses (note to Mr More: increase Spin sessions). This made me think that the Pillow could prove handy for people with chronic pain, back or other health problems, rather like a sex swing might – especially as the air tubes made it so easily adjustable when in use.

The popularity of the Pillow Foreplay even extended to outside the bedroom: when we went away for a couple of child-free days Mr More was disappointed I’d forgotten to bring the Pillow. And he had a point, as not only is the PF great fun as far as sex toys go, but it’s also eminently portable. Because even if you choose not to deflate it, it still looks like a normal bog-standard pillow, only longer – which can only be a bonus as far as curious kids and nosy in-laws go!

There is also the ‘Pillow Foreplay for Guys’ (it has a bigger hole angled perfectly for a man to insert and penetrate his Fleshlight or Tenga-type toy rather than a vibrator) and the ‘Pillow Foreplay for Gays’ (which contains a hole at each end for two women to use their toys in the Pillow at the same time). I’m told a She-saw is also on the cards for friendly bum fun, so that a woman can ride the Pillow with her favourite dildo, vibrator or anal toy, whilst her male partner sits opposite on a butt plug, leaving all four hands free for even more exciting play. Now that’s something Cliterati would love to see!

There is one downside to the Pillow Foreplay, however, and that’s the price: a cool £159. When I asked the manufacturers about such a big expense for what’s ostensibly a plastic pillow in a satin case, I received an extensive email in return detailing so much valid information that I felt well and truly put in my place. In fact, I was so impressed by the reply from Pillow Foreplay HQ that I’ve included it below for your information.

In conclusion, the Pillow Foreplay may be expensive, but you can use it with your own favourite vibrator or dildo. And if like me you know which vibrator suits you best, then the Pillow can give a whole new lease of life to your favourite toys. The Pillow might also give your sex life an unexpected boost in other areas too. It might seem highly implausible, but we can assure you it comes highly recommended. The Pillow Foreplay: so crazy it might. Just. Work!

And you’ll be very happy to hear that it does…

As promised, here’s the ‘price justification’ from Pillows Foreplay HQ:

Pillow Cover

The outer pillow cover is made of a material which will withstand a 60 degree wash and still maintain its vibrancy and shape. We could have used a cheaper material for the pillow cover and saved as much as 30% on that part of the product but this would have impacted on the aesthetics.  More importantly we had to ensure the product could be washed at a high enough temperature to negate hygiene issues.

Inner Inflatable Chambers

The inner inflatable bladder could have been manufactured with a low grade polyurethane but again we made the bladder from medical grade PU so that it was Phalate free and of a thickness to ensure stability when in use. We also wanted to make sure the product could be used by anyone irrespective of size and or weight. We therefore could not construct the product from a low cost beach ball material. Our product can withstand a PSI of 21 which is only slightly less than a car tyre. This may sound like over engineering but remember that consumers are not simply putting their weight on it. They are moving up and down on it which creates  enormous stress on the product and therefore  needed to be able to withstand forces greater than the person’s  weight.

Inflating requires the user to blow into the bladder and any subsequent alterations to the inflation needs the user to blow. After a period of time if the material is not made of medical grade PU bacteria builds inside from the carbon dioxide in the breath and mould begins to form in the inner chambers. This is not good from a health issue. Again our medical grade PU prevents this occurring.


The valves are Grade 1 valves the same as used on life jackets. Again this may be regarded as more than required but when the forces exerted on the product I explained above come into effect, we could not rely on valves that are on air beds.

Vibrator Holder

One of the key selling features is that the pillow will accept 99% of all vibrators and dildos on the market. I am sure you will agree that this is a major advantage and could be regarded as a consumer saving as we are not making people purchase a vibrator with the product. Those products on the market that fall into the same category invariably come with their own vibrators which is an on cost we don’t have. The consumer simply uses what they already have. The device which allows this to happen is obviously another substantial production cost.


Finally the construction has 2 air chambers and not one. The cheaper method would have been to use one inflatable chamber but this does not give the stability and therefore the comfort we believe the consumer should expect.

I agree that it is not a cheap product but strongly argue that it is value for money. We want to ensure the user has a fantastic experience that they will want to repeat again and again and not have issues with the bladder bursting or leaking or the valves breaking etc.

Kind regards,

Head of Sales

Pillows Foreplay 

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Pillow Foreplay by PillowsForeplay in exchange for my honest review.

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