Toy Review: RO-80 Purple Python Bullet by Rocks Off


Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! We’re all in a flap here at Cliterati Towers. Rocks Off have only chuffing gone and improved on their best bullet ever and we got to test one!

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the original RO-80mm Ammunition For Love Bullet; it’s easy push button, powerful one speed setting and precision ammunition style point so the vibration is delivered exactly where you want it, hitting the spot ev-ry-time! No wonder it  won awards and was a best seller world wide.

So, just how do you improve on perfection? Well you add more speeds, more power and give it a fashion makeover, of course. The limited edition RO-80mm is available in seven stylish colours and designs, including Luv It Leopard print, a swinging 60s Flower Power design and even a funky cow-hide Pinto Print. Fashion fused with sex toys certainly looks gorgeous to us. Also, as sex toys are such personal items, why shouldn’t you be able to make a statement with them, like you would other accessories? Great touch, and great way to personalise your pleasure chest.

We were charmed by the Purple Python slick snake-skin design. Whichever style you choose though, the vibration features are all the same. Where once the RO-80mm Ammunition For Love Bullet only had a single, highly satisfying, speed the updated version has seven to really rock your socks.

The shape and control of the Purple Python is still exactly the same as it’s predecessor: a single easy-push rubber button at the end of the bullet makes for easy on/off control and navigation through the seven vibration patterns.

Turn on and the first setting is a nice, gentle, constant buzz. An ideal warm up and it’s surprisingly quiet compared to the original. A second press ups the speed of the constant buzz and is on a par with the one speed RO-80mm.

By button push three, we’re into new territory. It’s considerably more powerful than it’s predecessor and with a bit of lube felt amazing on all outer erogenous zones – clit, labia, perineum, inner thighs and nipples to name just a few – as it delivered vibes right where they were needed through the pointed tip.

However, with power comes noise. Just as a side note, once you hit speed three there’s no way you could claim this bullet as a silent toy. This isn’t a draw back at all, just something to be aware of if there’s nothing more than a plasterboard between you and your house-mate’s room…ahem…

Anyway, for those that believe variety is the spice of masturbation there are also four pulsating and escalating settings. Each offers a great rhythm and varying the sensation during play will help avoid momentary desensitisation, or as I like to call it, clit boredom.

Also, if you find the vibration getting a bit too much on some of the more intense settings, try using the flatter side of the bullet against the clit, opposed to the point. Alternatively, place your finger on your clit and the bullet on your finger. The vibrations are still powerful enough to travel through the finger and onto the clitoris, but isn’t as full on as having the toy directly on the area. This is a great tactic if you’ve just come, are super sensitive, don’t want to stop and want to build up slowly to a second orgasm. 

Along with the toy undergoing a redesign, so has the packaging. These fashion inspired vibes come stylishly boxed, rather than in a basic plastic tube like it’s predecessor. On the back of the box, not only will you find all the usual blurb about the toy – it’s waterproof, has seven speeds, takes N batteries and how to insert them – but it also gives details of the battery expiry date and the toy batch number, so you have all the details about the product you’ve just bought.

Inside the box, the bullet is presented in velvet touch packaging, behind which is a black satin, draw-string storage pouch. Perfect for keeping your RO-80mm clean and safe when in transit.

Rocks Off have also included a Mini Brochure, ideal for eyeing up which goodie you want next, but also contains the activation code to kick start your one year warranty. Useful should anything go wrong with your bullet, because sometimes faults happen even to the best of toys, but it’s fabulous to see Rocks Off taking every step they can to ensure customer care and making the exchange process as easy as possible should the situation arise. Brilliant.

So, did this scaly beauty strike the pleasure levels just right?

Definitely yes, yes, yesss!

The Rocks Off RO-80 Purple Python Bullet costs £14.95 from and comes with free delivery. 

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