Book Extract: Breathe You In

Breathe You In

I was out of breath as I hunted for my key and climbed the one set of stairs to home. It was hard to even see into my bag; rainwater was streaking down my face and my hair was hanging in rats’ tails around my eyes. Eventually I found the key and shoved it into the lock.

“Phew, thank goodness,” I said, stepping into my flat.

Ruben hurried in behind me and shut the door.

“I’ll grab us some towels,” I said, dashing to the laundry pile. I retrieved a couple of freshly washed pink towels that smelled of fabric conditioner and passed one to Ruben.

He took it and dropped it over his head, rubbed vigorously. I did the same to mine and toed off my sandals at the same time. I dabbed my face, collected an oasis sitting in the groove of my throat and patted beneath my eyes, hoping I wasn’t displaying a panda look.

Ruben buried his face in the towel then dropped it to one side. “I don’t think I’ve ever got so wet so fast,” he said, trying and failing to flatten his now fluffed up hair.

“It was fun,” I said. “I’d forgotten how much I like to splash through puddles or how much I enjoy a good storm.”

As I’d said the last word a tremendous boom, accompanied by white light, filled my flat.

I jumped and let out a slightly hysterical squeak. “Well, that’s maybe a bit too close for comfort.”

Ruben smiled, but then the smile fell. His gaze dipped and he stepped up to me. “Did you know your blouse is see-through?”

“Is it?” I glanced down, automatically pressing my arm over my breasts.

He caught my hand, tugged it to my side. “The best type of blouse as far as I’m concerned.”

My white blouse had indeed turned transparent, highlighting my white cotton bra and the small pebbles my nipples had become in the cool rain. I could just make them out, dark disks beneath white material.

“Ruben, I…”

Suddenly I was face-to-face with him. He’d picked me up, arms tight around my body and our chests pressing together. My bare feet were dangling.

I put my hands on his shoulders and stared at his face. His lashes were still heavy with water and had become tiny triangular points. A large drip was rolling from his right temple into the fuzz of hair by his ear.

“I think it’s time,” he said, his lips almost touching mine. “To pay my debt.”

Beneath his wet clothes, his body felt hot and hard. There was also a seriously sexy glint in his eye that held determination and lust—a delicious combination.

I pushed my hands through his damp hair and kissed him. Was vaguely aware of him walking, heading to my bedroom, as our tongues weaved together. I slanted my head, deepened the kiss, and he moaned gently, feeding me more of what I wanted.

Ruben Strong.

He set me on the edge of the bed, his mouth not leaving mine. I was wet, turned on, scared and excited. It was like living in a cloud, someone else’s life. But it was mine. My life. And I was here with Ruben, gorgeous Ruben who was acting like he was more than ready to give me what I was owed.

He kissed across my cheek, his hands busy roaming down my chest and my stomach, seeking out my fly button.

I tugged at his top, wanting the wet material out of our way.

He paused to fist it between his shoulder blades and drag it over his head.

His chest was beautiful, the hair damp and flat with rain, his nipples, like mine, taut and hard. I looked at the scar, smooth and pink, and the neat trail of hair that feathered across his stomach and disappeared into his jeans.

“Say yes,” he said, kissing my right breast through my top and bra. “Katie, say yes.”

“Yes,” I murmured, laying fully back and trying to push at my trousers. “Yes, Ruben, yes.”

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