Erotica: Hands On By Molly Moore

I was trying to take a picture of my dishevelled bed hair but in my usual style I had got distracted and found myself experimenting with the light created by the late evening sun. The house was silent, but outside the occasional rumble of a car on the road beyond our window would remind us that not everyone was spending their Sunday like us; naked in a bedroom that was enveloped in the scent of our sex.

He laid on the bed in front of me, watching silently as I worked. Every now and then I would glance down as I felt his eyes on me, his gaze was intense, focused, consuming even, as though he was concentrating on something much more complicated than just watching me.

His hand running up thigh made me pause.

“Don’t stop” he directed as his fingers met with the outer folds of my pussy.

I tried hard to keep my concentration as his fingers delved into my already well fucked cunt but taking photographs was suddenly no longer my priority and yet despite the shaking of my thighs and the tightening of my cunt as he expertly drove me towards another orgasm I keep shooting.

I came like that, kneeling beside him, his fingers buried inside my cunt, my camera clasped tightly in my hands. His cum from earlier and my juices all mingled together and flowed from me coating his fingers. Reaching up his fingers left a sticky trail across my stomach as he said…

“Now that should make for an interesting shot”

Molly Moore photography

© Molly Moore

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