Wise Counsel From Susan Quilliam: How can I climax her way?

Dear Susan
I love sex, and I love coming – but I was talking with my girlfriend the other day and what she described is nothing like what I experience. Mine is really focussed round my genitals whereas hers is more a tingling through her whole body. What’s the difference, and how can I get both?
Hi Nina
In some ways, all orgasms are the same – in fact some American research that tested descriptions of climax by men and women found no difference between them.
In other ways, every orgasms’s different – another piece of American research suggests that we each have our own ‘fingerprint’, our unique way of coming. So it’s no surprise that you and your girlfriend have very different climaxes.
But also, many women seem to have different climaxes depending on where they’re being touched (or touching themselves) and the kind and duration of stimulation. Orgasms through penetration can be ‘sharper’, clitoral ones more widespread, and ones that you get via your G spot can be more gentle and melting.
The answer to getting a bigger variety of orgasms is – as it is so often with sex – to experiment. Try touching different places. Try different sorts of stimulation. Try coming quickly, try stretching the process out for the longest time. You’ll start to discover what combination gives what kind of climax – and then you can combine the best bits and get the Best Climax Ever.
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