Artcore: Pippa the Ripper

At Cliterati, we love talented and quirky acts, particularly if there’s an element of magic to the performance. And as far as we’re concerned, hula-hooping is magic. (Yes, we know there’s a science to hula hooping but no matter how many lessons we’ve have, such science eludes us and instead, we continue to prove the laws of gravity, in the form of the hula hoop repeatedly thumping to the ground.)

Pippa the Ripper is the woman who first made us fall in love with hula. Pippa Coram was apparently, given the name ‘the Ripper’ because, “she has slain so many audiences”. She has a background in musical theatre, a degree in circus arts and a black belt in charm,

So says her blurb, but we’ve spent enough evenings in her company at cabaret events over the years to know it’s deadly serious. She’s lively, eloquent, bright – and has a great line in party tricks (see right).

In addition to hula, she’s also a skilled acrobat and arielist, and was recently seen dressed as Mary Poppins floating into the Olympic opening ceremony.

There’s no doubt that Pippa is fit: she performs all over the world, showcasing her physically demanding array of talents. And all that work is rewarded by ecstatic applause (no, it’s not hyperbole: we’ve seen her perform loads and it’s always amazing seeing how much people’s eyes light up when they realise quite how many hulas she can handle.)


Oh, and then there’s her bottom. The sheer sight of it makes us incapable of doing anything but look in awe – and remember fondly when we’re alone.She’s also happy to dress up. We’ve admired many an image of Pippa in Lady Lucie Latex delights, that only serve to emphasise her assets.

It doesn’t help that she is equally able to hulu with her pert derriere as her waist – and willingly frames it to perfection with a spinning hoop in many of her shows. It’s as if she’s willing us to look at it. And we’re happy to oblige.

Enjoy a sample of Pippa the Ripper’s talents below. For more information, see Follow her on twitter @PIPPAtheRIPPER



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