Erotica: Popping My Girl-Cherry by Blacksilk

This is the real life true tale of Blacksilk’s first time experience of sex with a woman in her own words. It was a fair while ago now, but the somewhat innocent exploration speaks for itself…

We were shy, both of us. But she was pretty. Prettier than in the photos in fact, if a little larger. But I’m hardly skinny myself. We met in a pub, had a drink, then another, chatted, perfectly innocent all of it. Few hints of flirting beyond smiles and laughs. We left, ostensibly to go to another pub but ended up in my room.

A good five, ten minutes at least of idle chatter. I was willing and wanting to get things a little further, but I’m shy, as I say. I don’t know how to do seduction, at least not on anyone other than Fractal.

Luckily for the both of us she turned and said “I’m just going to kiss you now”, to which my rather suave response was “Good”.

We kissed. She had soft lips. I’d seen that she had a tongue-piercing earlier, it didn’t seem to make much difference though. So there was kissing, and then I put my hand on her leg. And she put hers on top of mine and after a little bit, dragged my hand to her crotch.

So I rubbed a little, through her jeans, while running a finger or two above her décolletage, slightly hooking a finger under her the top hem of her vest, to just above the beginning of the bra. She ran her fingers likewise, and squeezed slightly at one of my breasts.

It was funny afterwards, to think of the similarities, but the way we undressed was so like my first time with Fractal. I wonder whether it’s something fairly common for one’s first time with a new person. I wonder if it’s somehow ingrained slightly, or if it was just a coincidence. A sort of way of undressing that reminds me a bit of poker.

“I’m just going to be forward and take this off” And she started to remove her top and bra.

“Forward is good. I guess I should too.” And I followed suit.

I should say now that every item of clothing went this way, when its time came. You’ve got no knickers? Well, I see your knickers and take off my own! As I say, a sort of tentative style of undressing that I’ve now decided to call Texas Hold’Em…

Anyway, now bare-breasted I saw that she really was rather well-endowed and her large breasts were adorned, on one nipple only, with another piercing. As expected a curious cat like myself went straight for the piercing, taking it between my fingers, her nipple with it. I admit though that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, I’d never seen a real one before, let alone touched one. But I treated it the same as any other female nipple, I rolled it between my fingers, squeezed it as she did the same to my own.

She made some nice noises, softer than my moans when I’m with Fractal, breathy murmurs. My breathing had changed too. I bent my head and put my mouth to her non-pierced nipple, sucking and nibbling and flicking my tongue over it. After that she took one of my nipples between her lips.

I feel I should apologise now for being a bit of a girl… I wasn’t exactly communicative with her. She was gentle. She wasn’t as rough as Fractal, as rough as I like. But I didn’t say anything. Perhaps I should have. In future I will, I know that. But it was our first time together, my first time with a woman. I didn’t want to get all demanding, especially as I might get difficult demands in return for someone as n00bified as me. Besides which it was nice, not *as* nice, but still nice. Still making me wet.

She tried to run a hand up under my skirt, but my skirt wasn’t having any of it. So I offered to take it off. She rubbed at my knickers then, feeling my labia and clitoris beneath. A short while later her jeans followed and I did the same to her as she snuck a finger under my underwear to touch the skin. Feeling that she was cheating a little, even with that brief touch, I slid my hand into her knickers, fully feeling her wetness. She did seem to be very wet. Wetter than me. And I started to rub.

Now, I’m going to sound like the worst woman in the world here, but there’s a damn good reason for this problem I swear: at first, I had a little trouble working out what was her clitoris. Wait! Don’t leave! I do know stuff about sex, honest! There’s a reason! It seems she had yet another piercing… A clitoral hood one. So for a brief minute I had trouble distinguishing between little nubby bits of metal and a little nubby bit of flesh.

But hey, as Fractal later pointed out, with a piercing like that even touching the metal and moving that around would feel pretty damn good. And I got there, eventually.

Soon knickers were off entirely, naturally in the Texas Hold ‘Em style. I kept my stockings on, lacy black hold-ups, a more informal approach than my preferred garter-belt variety.

We rubbed along each other’s labia then, and after a bit she tried to bend her head to my sex. The angle was wrong so, with me sat on the edge of my bed, she knelt on the floor, put her head between my legs and began to lick. It’s at this point I should quell the rumour that there is something hugely different and superior about lesbian cunnilingus. Don’t get me wrong, it was very nice, but it wasn’t earth-shatteringly better, or even better, than what Fractal does to me.

Anyway, she licked and fingered and I started to get very breathy and after a little bit I came. She kept going. I kept shuddering, halfway between orgasm and not-orgasm. This went on for a little while, after which she knelt back up and we rubbed our fingers over each other’s genitals again. I started to finger her and she opened her legs wide, trying hard to give me better access. Soon she started to shake and shudder, until she had to sit on the bed before she collapsed from the tremors.

I returned the favour then, bending my own head to lick at her clitoris, then a few casual licks over her labia, before going back to licking at her clitoris. I alternated this with rubbing it with my finger, all the while using my other hand either to spread her further or to place a finger or two inside her, stroking her G-spot. The combination of all these things made her soon start to shudder again and soon she was coming as her legs shook around my ears, my face pressed into her.

When she had finished shuddering I knelt back up and she motioned me onto the bed. She told me she was going to make me kneel, which I think just meant really “kneel, please” since I saw no signs of any ‘making’. I was still a little surprised though, if anything I’d thought to be in charge, but ho hum. Still, she was hardly very dommy. She fingered me as I knelt on all fours, occasionally ‘spanking’ me. I say ‘spanking’ because like everything else she was very gentle, and it certainly wasn’t going to do much to me any time soon.

But the fingers did. And then when she started to tease my anus with her other hand, that felt wonderful. Really, really good. She was rubbing a finger over the hole, and then slowly partly inserting the tip and moving it about. It felt great. I came again.

Finally, after that was done I moved back and knelt behind her, on the floor again. And, still playing tit for tat, I started to tease her anus with my finger, causing her to open her legs slightly as she lay on her side. Using this to my advantage I rubbed my other hand over her slightly exposed pussy. She opened her legs wider, moaning softly again, and, whilst I put my thumb into her ass slightly and two fingers from the same hand into her vagina, she started to rub her clitoris.

Soon, she had run quite out of breath and shakes and we sat there for a few minutes before slowly getting dressed again. We parted at the door, and she said that we’d definitely be doing that again.

© Blacksilk

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