Erotica: Who’s the Boss?

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A new boy started working on my team at the office last month. Blonde, tanned and tall, he thought he was it, wandering round in tight T-shirts, running his fingers through his hair with an implacable belief that every woman would find his tight 22 year old body irresistible. He also made it pretty clear that he was interested in me, despite the fact that he reported in to me. He’d linger by my desk, openly staring at my cleavage and making crude comments. I ignored him. I don’t like men who think they’re god. I like men who worship me.

After a couple of weeks, it was getting hard to concentrate. He kept finding petty excuses to come and chat. It was flattering enough but every arrogant glance he shot at my thighs, made with the assumption that if I was really lucky, he might choose me for his bedmate, wound me up more and more.

By week three, he was clearly getting confused by my lack of response. He’d had offers from half the women in the company and had already screwed a lot of them but still, sheep-like, they gravitated towards him. I don’t know if it was his youth, his arrogance or his body but something about him seemed to attract them. Idiots. I knew he was a shallow hump-and-dump merchant who clearly didn’t know his place. But still he kept lingering by my desk. When he turned up with flowers for me on Friday, I’d had enough.


‘Yes…’ his voice was tinged with hope.

‘Your behaviour isn’t appropriate for the office. Come to my office at 6pm. We need to talk through your future at this company.’


‘No buts. I said I’ll talk to you at 6pm. Now get back to work.’

Someone had to show him the right way to treat a woman. I realised that it had to be me.

By 6pm, the office was practically empty. My team had won a big pitch so I’d sent them down to the pub to celebrate on my company credit card. Everyone else had headed off for the traditional Friday night drinks. Alex knocked on the door.


He came in, looking nervous and started babbling.

‘I’m really sorry, Ella. I really didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. I’m sorry…’

‘Shut up Alex. What you did was inexcusable. Since you got here you’ve been staring at my tits and screwing your way around the office. Do you really think that’s a professional way to behave?’

He blushed at my use of the word tits. ‘No, Ella.’

‘I think you need to be taught a lesson…

‘I’m really sorry.’

I shot an evil stare at him for interrupting.

‘..about what women really want.’

His expression changed, as he thought about what I meant.

‘And the first thing you’re going to do is strip.’

He glanced nervously through the glass door of my office.

‘There are only the cleaners left in here and they won’t be coming onto this floor for at least an hour. Didn’t you hear what I said? Strip.

He licked his lips, now dry with nerves and peeled off his tight white T-shirt to reveal and toned chest and six pack. I began to see his appeal.

‘Now the rest.’

He unbuttoned his jeans and began to push them over his hips. I glared at him.

‘Socks first. I was right. You know nothing.’

He blushed again and bent over to take off his socks. He hesitated and looked up at me to check that it was alright to remove the rest of his clothes.

‘You may continue.

He pushed his jeans down and stood in front of me wearing nothing but a tight pair of Calvin’s. His cock was straining against them despite – or perhaps because – of the humiliation.

‘And those!’ I barked. ‘Are you stupid?’

He slid them off to reveal a thick cock at least eight inches long and proudly erect. He tried to cover it, embarrassed at being around but I moved round he desk and slapped his hand away. ‘You’ve been staring at me for long enough. What’s the matter? Can’t take it the other way round?’

He remained silent, clearly torn between embarrassment and arousal.

I pushed my skirt up to reveal my stockings and put one leg up onto a chair.

‘Kneel down in front of me.’

He followed the order.

‘Now lick my clit. Don’t touch me with anything other than your tongue though or I’ll have to punish you further.’

He looked ridiculous kneeling between my legs, craning his neck forward as if bobbing for apples, but when his tongue touched my clit through my silk knickers, I had to grip on to the desk to keep my balance.

‘Not bad. Make sure you lick my cunt thoroughly.’

He ran his tongue up and down my clit then moved down to my hole, sucking my juices through my knickers which were getting thoroughly wet. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it into my crotch, grinding my clit into his face until I cam hard. I kept hold of the back of his head until I’d recovered from my orgasm, then pushed him away, lowered my skirt and stood in front of him, looking calm.

‘I suppose you’re turned on now?’

‘I want you, Ella.’ He groaned.

‘As you may have heard, I want, doesn’t get. However, I am in need of some entertainment so…’ I moved back to my desk and sat behind it, putting my legs up on the desk, crossed at the ankle to show him that he was the one putting on a show for me. ‘You can wank for me.’

He looked as if he was going to cry, realising he was here to give pleasure, not get it.

‘Come on!’ I tapped my fingernails impatiently on the desk. He put his hand on his cock and started to pump it firmly, rubbing his thumb over its sensitive end.

‘You’ll have to be quicker than that. The cleaners will be here soon and I’m not letting you stop until you come, even if they do come in.’

It was a lie but I was getting bored and wanted to get home so that I could give myself a few more orgasms. I wasn’t going to let him see me abandon myself that much.

He pumped harder and faster, clearly worried but desperate to come. His knees buckled and his cum spurted all over my desk, narrowly missing me.

‘That was bad. You don’t want the cleaners to know you’ve been wanking in the bosses office do you? You’d better lick it off.’

He looked flushed and ashamed as he knelt to lick my desk clean of his own cum. I enjoyed seeing the look on his face and would remember it later when I was alone.

‘Right, all done then, Well, get your clothes on and hurry off home. I’m going to the bar to see the rest of the team. And if you’re good next week, I may even let you go to the bar after you’ve finished too.’

‘Next week?’ His eyes were bright with excitement despite his clear anxiousness.

‘It takes more than one class to learn your lesson. Now, get out of my sight!’

My eyes followed his tight arse as he left my office. I smiled to myself, plans already formulating for next week’s lesson.

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