Event: Afterglow Presents…The History Of Burlesque

The History of BurlesqueAfterglow presents…

The History of Burlesque

An evening of shared experiences for those working in burlesque, and an entertaining way to discover more for all those who love it!

Afterglow are bringing together some of the UK’s most prominent burlesque luminaries, established performers and some exciting up-and-comers in one crazy, fast paced and lively evening of sexy, sultry, stylised sophistication. (And debauchery.)

The night will be blend of performance, covering classical, comedy, boylesque, fire, Dominatrix and a wild card, plus story-telling and open discussions with some of the best known names and genuine legends within the world of burlesque.

Listen and chat to key speakers, Jo King, Lady Cheek and Howard Wilmot as they collectively share over four decades of experience.

What was the life of a burlesque performer like when we were all still wearing leg warmers? What changes have come about through the years of glitz and glitter? And what could the future hold for this ever developing, feel-good art? From on stage to back stage, hear about the highs, the heels, and maybe the odd cheeky moment!

The night will also feature performances from stunning artists:

Phil InGud ¦ Scarlett Belle ¦ Fanny Dent ¦ More Moorita ¦ Snake Fervor ¦ Lolo Brow

Whether you’re a pro-performer, a newcomer to burlesque or if you’ve yet to experienced the magical world that is, if you’re a writer, an artist, a photographer, or a designer, The History of Burlesque promises to be full of colour, full of energy and full of inspiration!

As a matter of fact, It’s probably the most exciting history lesson you’ll ever attend.

Event Details

Venue: The Horse Bar, 124 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7RW

Date & Time: 13/07/2013, 7pm-Midnight

Price:    £9.00 earlybird tickets until 1st June. £12.00 standard ticket.


Event Pagehttp://events.afterglowart.com/listings/the-history-of-burlesque/

Tickets Available Fromhttp://historyofburlesque.eventbrite.com/

Further information:


With over 30 years’ experience as a performer, teacher and curator, and having played a key role in the careers of over 30 percent of Europe’s current pro-performers, Jo King is quite possibly the biggest star of the burlesque world.

An ambassador for the industry, Jo’s ethos is “to help all women to feel fabulous about themselves, regardless of age, shape or dancing ability.” She continues to teach, to inspire and to perform, and we feel privileged to have her as one of our key speakers, so if you’re looking for feel good inspiration, to learn more about the industry, or listen to stories and discover how life of a showgirl has changed over the years, this is a unique opportunity to find out more from one of London’s true legends. Her site is here: http://www.londonacademyofburlesque.com/


Lady Cheek (Zoe Charles) is an international burlesque star, a comedienne, an events producer, a vintage pin up and the founder of The Cheek of It! Burlesque School.

Having trained as a Performing Arts teacher, she has brought her knowledge and experience to the UK since 2000 and continues to share the glitter and good times to over 700 girls each year through her school and many more in the audience of the Review Shows.

She is also the resident teacher at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios and regularly makes the headlines as an expert on all things Burlesque.

With many TV appearances also under her garter, we’re extremely excited to have her on the panel, story-telling and speaking from over a decades’ worth of experience. Her site is here: http://www.cheekofit.co.uk/


Writer and producer Howard Wilmot is the creator of both Burlexe and Boylexe, pioneering theatrical productions inspired by the lives of men and women who perform burlesque. Think ‘the Vagina Monologues of burlesque’.

His personable nature is a credit to the show’s run of success over the last year and they, along with the performers continue to go from strength to strength.

Howard has worked with some of the biggest names in the business and we’re really looking forward to hearing about his adventures and the journey that entering the world of Burlesque has taken him on.

And being the producer of such exciting events, you never know, he may have his eye out for the next big star! His site is here: http://www.burlexe.co.uk/

About Afterglow Arthouse

The organising company behind this event is AfterglowArt.com, the worldwide community for people working in the erotic arts and adult arena.

AfterglowArt.com is a community first and foremost. A community of creative people from all disciplines working in the erotic arts or with subject matter that isn’t necessarily mainstream. Afterglow organise all manner of artistic events aimed to encourage creativity and collaboration.

AfterglowArt.com is for anyone interested in non-mainstream art and literature. Our events are open to everyone, offering a chance to network and learn more about each other’s chosen creativity and our membership is open to artists from any creative field whose work we believe is interesting, beautiful, creative or otherwise unique.

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