Erotica: Forty Kinds of Penance



Wednesday was confession day. James was away on business that week so Debbie had to make her weekly confession by Skype. She undressed, arranged the webcam attached to the top of her monitor to film her as she knelt in naked humility and selected ‘Lordandmaster’ on the menu bar. She clicked with the mouse and knelt to wait for James to respond. As he answered the blue light on the camera began to shine and she was again in the Presence. She could see that James was in a hotel room, dressed in his business suit. He said nothing.

Debbie raised her head secretly afraid of what James would say when he heard her confession and not really wanting to see the expression on his face. She spoke quietly.

‘My Lord I have disobeyed your commands and beg for mercy. I have bought a copy of a book you have forbidden me to read. I have begun reading ‘Forty Kinds of Darkness – A Journey of Submission.’

She looked at James and noticed his face darken.

‘What did I tell you at the beginning of our relationship?’

‘My Lord you said that Forty Kinds of Darkness is the worst book on domination ever written, you said that it is an abomination and that if I was to grow in submission and learn deep truths I must not even think about reading the book.’

‘And yet you did’

‘Yes my Lord. I am deeply sorry.’

‘You will report to my house for your penance at ten o’clock on Saturday morning’

She knocked on James’s door on the Saturday having spent most of the night awake, steeling herself mentally for the merciless flogging she was sure she would receive. By the time she got out she was aroused and wet and longed for the angry red welts that were to be her lot.  James ordered her to undress and go to the garden, which was secluded and surrounded by high brick walls, a perfect place for outdoor play in the summer, as James had frequently reminded her. He led her to a secluded corner in the shade of an apple tree where an iron stake had been driven into the ground.

‘Kneel with your back to the stake’ ordered James and Debbie complied. She felt anxious and vulnerable, but told herself that this was a normal thing for a sub. James placed her collar round her neck, clipped on a chain and attached the other end of the chain to the stake.

‘Hands behind your back’.

He fastened a pair of handcuffs, leaving Debbie kneeling on the pleasantly moist grass looking back up the garden towards the house.

‘I’m leaving you for a while. You are to reflect long and hard on the consequences of disobedience. You will resolve firmly never to touch that appalling book again. Do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes my Lord.’

Debbie’s longing for James to return began as soon as he was out of sight. Without him she was lonely and miserable. She began obediently to reflect on her failings and the promise she would make never to read that awful book again. The time passed slowly and she really had no idea how long James had been gone. He was playing mind games with her.

It was with relief that she heard the door open and saw James come into the garden. He was with a woman, a tall blonde in a sundress and sandals, with dark glasses thrust high into her thick hair. They came over to where Debbie knelt.

‘This is my slave girl Debbie’ said James to the blonde, who giggled.

‘You’ve got a slave. How cute!’

‘Debbie, this is my friend Sarah. We’re going to have sex on the lawn and you’re going to watch. You will call her My Lady and you will obey her. You will worship and adore her. Is that clear?’

‘Yes my Lord.’

Sarah giggled again.

‘How absolutely marvellous!’ she said.

Debbie was forming an intense dislike of this silly woman who seemed to find her predicament a source of great amusement. She was jealous above all. Sarah, and not she, would be receiving James’s magnificent cock. She was secured to a stake and could only look on, helpless. Yet she was ordered to worship and adore. Now she understood. She had expected a whipping, expected to feel pain. But James was too clever a dom to do anything as obvious as that. Her suffering was to be mental, and extended over several hours of a summer’s day. This was, she saw already, a crueller punishment than could ever be inflicted with whips and canes. She was very wet. She longed to have just one hand free so that she could finger her clit. For now she had to suffer the agonies of frustration.

She was roused from her reverie by Sarah who pulled up a garden chair and sat in it, thrusting her feet into Debbie’s face. The first thing Debbie noticed was the smell of sweat and then the toenails, painted in pink with silver glitter. Sarah giggled again.

‘Now then slave girl Debbie, you’ve got to do what I tell you. I want you to lick my little feet. They’re very tired and you need to give them lots of love.’

Debbie winced as she stuck her tongue out and began to lick the soles before Sarah offered her toes to suck.

‘Do suck them harder my little slave girl. That’s right.’

Debbie was beginning to wonder if James had told her to act in such an idiotic way or whether she really was as stupid as she appeared. Out of obedience to James she sucked diligently.

‘Isn’t it a wonderful thing having a slave girl?’ asked Sarah rhetorically, giggling again ‘do you know anyone who would…..’

Debbie was on the point of saying something but was aware that James had returned to the garden and was watching them.

‘You’re to lick her cunt,’ he ordered, ‘make her nice and wet so that my cock will just slide in.’

Sarah stood up and took off the sundress. When she turned to place the dress on a garden chair, Debbie saw that she had a snake tattoo running down the length of her back. Her antipathy to Sarah was becoming greater by the minute but, aware of James and his order, she silently recited words of worship.

Sarah slipped off her panties and came up to push her shaven cunt into Debbie’s face.

‘Start from my clit and work down my little slave’ ordered Sarah, giggling again. As Debbie worked her way down she held the labia apart, then pushed Debbie’s face into her crotch. As Debbie licked around the opening of the vagina, she could taste the juices of Sarah’s arousal. She felt her own all the more keenly. Sarah giggled again.

‘I’ve never had a girl do that to me before. James. Will you find me a little slave girl? Or could I share Debbie with you.?

‘Debbie is mine but I have the right to let her out, especially when she’s been naughty.’

‘Ooh she’s not been naughty has she? What has she done?’

‘Debbie has been reading Forty Kinds of Darkness.’’

‘Oh really what a silly girl! It’s such an awful book.’

Sarah shrieked with laughter. Then she stroked Debbie’s hair and said

‘You’re a silly little girl aren’t you?’

‘Yes My Lady’.

Debbie bowed her head and gritted her teeth.

‘It may have given her incorrect ideas’ said James ‘so she’s receiving corrective training today. Kneel down Sarah and let her worship your breasts.’

Sarah knelt before Debbie who could now smell her breath, stale from the cigarettes she had been smoking. Sarah moved forward on her knees so that their bodies were touching and Debbie began obediently to lick the hard prominent nipples before pinching them between her lips and sucking. She could feel Sarah’s arousal, feel how much Sarah was gagging for James’s cock, and she began to feel her own arousal. But she was chained to a stake and helpless. Then Sarah said, quietly and conspiratorially,

‘I think you’re gorgeous, slave girl.’

She leaned forward, put a hand behind Debbie’s head and thrust her tongue into Debbie’s mouth. Debbie tried to resist but Sarah was strong, forcing her lips apart until Debbie yielded. Sarah was teasing her, making her more and more aroused but knowing that she was to be denied the thing she most craved.

Sarah stood up and went to kneel before James, taking his swelling cock into her mouth, working her tongue around the tip so that James began to gasp and tense his body with the effort of not coming. Then she made him lie on his back and moved down onto the hard magnificent cock that stood up ramrod straight. She slid down on it and moved her tanned athletic body up and down, looking Debbie in the eye, smiling a triumphant mocking smile. Sarah shrieked with delight as she came. Debbie watched this provocation in a turmoil of jealousy, hatred, and the worship that she had been ordered to give. This was a tougher punishment than she could ever have imagined.

They rolled over and James moved on top to take her. Debbie could hardly bear to watch as she saw his beautiful buttocks moving back and forth with the rhythm of his thrusts. Then it was over. James went to the house to fetch drinks and Sarah lay on the grass, legs apart, giving Debbie a panoramic view of her cunt as she fingered her clit and brought herself to orgasm.

They sat in garden chairs drinking Pimms. For Debbie he brought a bottle of water and a straw. Ever the attentive dom he came over and gave her a drink from time to time. Sarah lit a cigarette and as the smoke wafted over Debbie thought how much she wanted one. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to concentrate on worshipping Sarah.

When Sarah left she said

‘Bye bye little slave girl’ blew Debbie a kiss, and giggled again.

‘Goodbye My Lady’ said Debbie bowing her head before adding, as soon as Sarah had disappeared into the house, ‘you fucking bitch.’

After a few minutes James came to release her. He laid her on the grass, began to finger her cunt and finding how wet she was said simply

‘I think you’ve learned a lesson.’

‘My Lord, I’m desperate for you.’

She began to cry.

He slid into her and began to pump vigorously. These were the moments Debbie lived for, these moments of sublime delight when she understood the meaning of submission. They both came quickly. James withdrew before lying alongside her. It was now stiflingly hot in the garden.

‘My Lord’ she said tentatively.’ ‘I have a confession to make. I didn’t really read Forty Kinds of Darkness.’

‘For telling lies in confession the punishment is two hundred strokes’ said James, breaking into a smile. ‘But that’s for another day. For now I just want to fuck you again.

He rolled over and slid into her again.


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