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Breathe You In

Breathe You In is an erotic romance novel from Lily Harlem. It tells the story of two people that meet under very strange circumstances (I can’t tell you – it’ll give it away!). The female lead has been having a very tough time, and when she meets Ruben, things get even tougher for a while – but then she suddenly sees the ideal way to get out of her rut and begin a new life, a happier life.

Ruben very much saves her from her bleakest time, her darkest thoughts, but he’s had troubles of his own. Together, maybe the two of them can find their way back to love and laughter.

I really can’t say much else without giving away the plot, but let’s just say this is a very unique plot which will really tug at your heartstrings and make you think. Packed full of pain, emotion, romance and eroticism, you’ll remember Breathe You In long after you’ve finished reading.

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