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Collar Me in Paris

Collar Me in Paris is the story of what happens when Clay goes on vacation with his wife, Bianca, and the rest of her family. Each year, Bianca and her brothers have been put into pairs and sent off on a challenge. And each year Bianca is blamed by the brother she was put with for losing the challenge. Which is why she’s tried to avoid their silly games for as long as possible. But her bullying brothers manage to get Clay interested, and even though Bianca is the dominant in their relationship, Clay makes the decision that they’re going to play the family challenge. What’s more, they’re going to win.

What ensues is a mad dash about the beautiful Parisian streets and attractions, punctuated with lots of sexy scenes in public, as well as some heavy D/s ones in the bedroom. Can Clay and Bianca emerge victorious? Or will her brothers be crowing over her for another year?

This is a unique read. It’s an erotic romance which is heavy on the plot, but also, the exploration of the main characters’ relationship is also a major part. There’s fun, frolics, romance and plenty of kink in this hot novel – a must for BDSM fans, especially if you love Paris.

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