Erotica: Punishment in Black by Blacksilk

This post deserves a little explanation. It’s not erotica as such, or at least it was never intended that way, but a written fantasy. Whilst I was away for five months in Japan years ago, my then-lover Fractal came up with the idea of keeping a diary of our fantasies and emailing the entries to each other. We’d been together for a month when I had to go and this was the continuation of what experimentation we had started.

When I started my sex blog, he was the one who first suggested posting them online. And now I’m sharing them even further! So, read this not as polished erotica, but as a glimpse into an honest sexual fantasy written for a lover…

You enter the room dressed in dark trousers and your black shirt, a button or two undone, showing a little of you to me. Pretending not to see you I stretch, letting my hands then fall over my body then I stand up, wearing my black nightie-dress and come over towards you, as I do I see the look in your eyes and stop.

“You are a very naughty, very filthy girl. Aren’t you?” you say. “Yes sir,” I reply, looking at the floor. You come to stand in front of me and placing your fingertips under my chin, raise my head. “You enflame me, you’ve been teasing me, trying to turn me on, you’ve tried to seduce me to the point of wild lust with your little tricks.”

You move to press against me, whispering into my ear. “And it’s worked. But now we’ll see how you like a taste of your own medicine, I will have you begging me to enter you, to let you come. You deserve to be punished very harshly, devil girl. And you’ll do exactly as I tell you, am I understood, my naughty slave?” I say yes and you pull back and smile wickedly.

You push your hands up under my dress at the sides, hook a finger around each side of my underwear and agonisingly slowly pull down, as I shiver at your touch. When you’ve removed my underwear you say “Turn around.”

I do so silently. “Put your hands against the wall and stand legs apart so that your beautiful behind is sticking out.” I say yes sir, and stand as you ordered, heart beating in anticipation. You then take my dress and lift it, pulling it up around my waist so that my bare behind is exposed to you.

From behind you run two fingers from the top of my labia, back, just once. “How wet you are already, you dirty little slave” You lick your fingers. “You’re enjoying this far too much. So, you want to be punished, do you? Then you’ll have to ask.”

“Please punish me, sir. Please. I’ve longed for you to punish me, I deserve it for being such a naughty girl.” The next moment I feel the riding crop sting my behind hard, making me cry out and bite my lip. The second sting is much softer than the first, but each blow still brings a sigh from my lips.

As you continue I begin to shudder with pleasure and moan when the blow brings a particularly intense feeling. Occasionally you alter the angle so that the sting hits between my legs instead and this causes me to moan loudly, my breath heavy. After a while I am longing to touch myself and say as much, asking permission.

The blows are withdrawn suddenly and I am left gasping at the sudden lack. “You’ve been a good girl, taking your punishment so well. But not quite that good. I have something else planned for you.” You produce something to tie my hands and hook the tie over the coat hook at the top of the door so that my hands are fixed over my head.

“Spread your legs” you say, and I do so. I am then blindfolded. You then start to lightly whip my labia and clitoris, as I am held in place. You keep this up slowly increasing the strength and speed until I am gasping, asking to be allowed to come. You refuse, slow the strikes but continue, keeping me on the edge.

When you think I have had enough punishment you stop the blows and kneel, a hand holding each leg firmly, as you start to soothe my burning sex with your tongue. You pleasure me and I shudder, the tension built up is incredible and I ask desperately to climax, you refuse again and I am forced to bite my lip to stop from disobeying you. Some moments later I am begging you, my speech ragged, “Please, sir. I need to climax. I can’t take any more, please let me come for you.” Finally you allow me to do so, and as you grant me permission you suck at my clitoris, making me climax powerfully.

When you remove my blindfold you are naked. You release me from the door then, but keep the ties on my hands. You lead me to the bed and tell me to get onto my hand and knees. I do so, and you may decide at this point to change the position slightly, tying my hands together, or maybe to my legs, or not. You enter me then, from behind, my sex tightening around yours as you do so. As we move together we build up the intensity, thrusting until we reach the plateau and when we cannot take it any more you withdraw, releasing me and telling me to turn so that you can enter me again, this time face to face. We climax then, and afterwards you tell me what a good girl I’ve been, how well I’ve done, and how much you love me, as I tell you that I love you.

© Blacksilk

You can read more erotica from Blacksilk here and see more of her work, both in writing and images, on her blog Being Blacksilk.

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