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Last time I introduced you to the first in the series of fantasy diaries that I and my then-lover Fractal kept while we were apart. Or, at least, the first that I wrote? Today’ll you’ll get to see the first fantasy he ever wrote to me. Again, it’s by no means polished publishing material, and he always had a very stiff (ooh-er) turn of phrase, but it’s a sexy insight into the kinks that shaped me.

I will tie you to the bedposts, after slowly stripping off your clothing. You try to speak, but like in the past, I stop your words with a finger to your lips and lean in to whisper, “Silence, my love.” Then continue to slowly, sensuously undress you.

You are now naked and I take you by the hands as if taking a waltz partner and lead you to the bed. I gently lower you until you are lying on your back. I tie each wrist to its respective bedpost and lean in to whisper to you. “My tongue longs for the taste of your clitoris. You may try to resist me, if you wish, but I’ll have my way and once there, I won’t stop until you beg me. I smile then slowly kiss you, then your neck. I slowly move my way down to your breasts and down further, all the time I whisper how much I need and want you, how beautiful you are. Finally, I reach my goal.

If you are resistant, clamping your legs shut, I attempt to tease you to weaken your resolve by inflaming your desire. I move a finger to your mound and down, to torment your aching sex. I attempt to push your legs open and if you are still resistant, I bind your legs too, leaving you in a open X-shape, your legs apart. You can no longer resist my tongue, which will tease and torment you into an aching, powerful orgasm, followed by a score of others.

If, as you might, you spread your legs willingly I smile and start to speak of how much of a dirty girl you are and how that entices me all the more, I want you, I need you and how much I long to take you, the dirty girl that you are. I begin after all this.

I slowly tease and torment you, licking the mons first and rubbing my palm into your lower labia… I lick around your beautiful sex and along your labia until you are pleading with me to torment you no longer. After this, I give your clit a few quick, gentle licks. After that, I let the licking intensify slowly, until it has built up to a full force.

After a while of this, I run the palm of my hand until it rests at the base of your buttocks. I caress them passionately as my tongue continues to flick rapidly as you squirm and writhe as the pleasure builds. Then, my fingers begin to tease your anus as my lips wrap gently around your clitoris and begin to suck as I did with your nipples. As I suck, my tongue flicks it from behind my lips, rolling it as the intensity builds and builds and you shudder uncontrollably. I begin to feel the very pulse of your quickening heart throb into my lips and onto my tongue and fingertips.

I continue increase the intensity as much as I can until you are begging, you can’t take anymore… Without a slowing down or a pause, I cease, leaving your vulva to pulse with the sudden lack of stimuli for a moment, before gently taking a few casual licks. Leaving the intensity descend slowly as you breathe heavily, unable to think of nothing else except the torrents of pleasure.

I smile and untie you, telling you how much I love you. I remind you how beautiful you are, especially with the flushes to your face and I kiss you passionately then remind you how deliciously you taste, after your flesh has cooled, maybe we try something else.

© Blacksilk

You can read more erotica from Blacksilk here and see more of her work, both in writing and images, on her blog Being Blacksilk.

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  • David @xntryk commented on June 26, 2013 at 18:01

    To me, any lack of polish here demonstrates/adds to the feeling of spontaneity. I doubt you begrudged him a lack of polish upon reading it ;>)

  • This is very, very sexy. I really will have to share this with ‘The Man’.


  • I’m just starting my journey down the erotic path of womanly porn. Something Im excited to get started for a lady.

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