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Tantric Pleasures

When it comes to rubbers, the fella and I are fussy sods. A good condom should enhance sex rather than hinder it. Dotted and ribbed are certainly a favourite, but some brands can over dot and over rib, so there’s more friction than you’d like and they can become uncomfortable. What attracted us to One Tantric Pleasures Textured Condoms was that they are ‘lightly textured’ and the tribal-like designs were intriguing, unlike anything we had tried before.

Packaged in a cylindrical plastic case with tin lids on either end, they looked very appealing and it made a nice change from the conventional cardboard boxes. It’s also considerably more study and didn’t squash or crush like a box would when stuffed in a draw. For more compact storage when traveling, take each tin end off, place a couple of condoms between them and then push together, creating a pocket sized carry case; great from the perspective that you know your condoms won’t get damaged before use.

Opening it up, inside the lid is a circular fold-out pamphlet about how to get the most out of your One condoms as well as some info on various birth control methods and how effective they are. Very informative. Underneath that is a little card with a Tantric Tip. Ours read: ‘The strength and length of an orgasm is affected by the volume of noise you put out. Vocalise and make your neighbours jealous!’ Good tip and we very much enjoyed the sexy, yet fun fortune-cookie element.

Within a pack of 12 latex Tantric Pleasures there are three different  tattoo-inspired textured designs, four of each, named Maori, Tribal and Titan. Here at Cliterati we are culturally aware and so the fact they have named one of the designs Maori did stick a bit. We’re not sure why they chose these names, or prints, but with the history and cultural meaning of Maori tattoos being sacred to the indigenous people of New Zealand, it’s highly questionable as to how appropriate it is that they have stuck it on a condom.

The different designs are colour coded, so easily identifiable and there’s an illustration on the back of the foil so you can see the patterns clearly. This is useful, because upon rolling one out it was hard to spot the textured pattern or feel the outline of it when running finger tips over it. One certainly weren’t fibbing when they said ‘lightly textured’. It was like there was nothing there. We didn’t hold out much hope that they would add anything at all to our pleasure. Tantric Pleasure Foils

How wrong we were. Although we couldn’t feel the pattern with our fingers, when it came to really putting them to the test during sex, the intricate tribal-like designs definitely made an impression. Of course, I can only speak from personal experience and every woman is individual, but what was great is that the raised patterns were so varied that they seemed to stimulate different areas of the vagina. For example, the Maori rubber had much more texture at the tip so was great for deep penetration. Titan had much more feeling at the base of the rubber, so was good for stimulating the entrance of the vagina and Tribal had more waves along the whole length offering constant, satisfying fiction on every thrust and draw-back.

Not only were the sensations varied, different and exciting, but each condom is coated in a good quality, thick silicone lubricant. This made for a very slick and comfortable ride and lasted even the longest sessions without drying out.

So, that’s her pleasure, but what about his? After all, it’s him that has to wear them. Well, my willing co-tester said that they were the most comfortable condoms he’s tried to date. Measuring 53mm, there was enough space and length for a comfortable fit. Rolling on was easy and we didn’t feel like we needed to add any extra lubricant for him as there was a sufficient amount already applied. The flared base means they were not too tight, but there was no worry of them slipping off. Most importantly though, the latex wasn’t really thick, so he could still feel everything and the patterning, especially around the end of the Maori design, added to his pleasure too. Finally, the reservoir tip made clean-up simple.

Overall, the Tantric Pleasures condoms are a great sex accessory. After trying these exotic, tribal inspired textures, going back to dots and ribs feels like the dull option.

One Tantric Pleasure Condoms cost £10.99 for a tin of 12, from

Disclaimer: I was provided with the One Tantric Pleasures product for free, from in return for my honest review.


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