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The Mistress

I dropped everything to read this book, and with good reason. Tiffany Reisz totally deserves her rabid fan club and phenomenal sales. Her books are hardcore to the extreme, and so are her characters. But they all have hearts, even if some are hidden behind walls. Don’t read this review, or even the book, if you haven’t read the first three novels in this series. It just won’t make sense, and this review will spoil things for you.

The Mistress follows on directly from the last book, The Prince. Nora has been kidnapped, and it’s not immediately apparent why, or by whom. This is quickly established, however, and it’s up to Soren and Kingsley to get her back. Especially since it’s their fault she’s been taken in the first place. They know she’s in grave danger, and they’ll move Heaven and Earth to save her.

Nora is doing her best to save herself, too. Her captor is demanding stories, stories of her life, her loves. She’s a modern-day Scheherazade, divulging tales about Soren, Kingsley and Wesley to buy time in the hope that it won’t all end badly for her.

As always with Tiffany’s books, there are other threads of plot and characterisation going on aside from the main drama. We learn more about all of the main characters and meet some new ones, too. The kidnapper is playing a game with Nora, Soren and Kingsley, and it’s up to them to come out of it on the other side. But their nemesis is evil, warped and dead set on revenge… will they get it?

The Mistress is a spectacular book. Reisz is a fearless writer, and as a result her books are top notch reads. This was thriller, erotica and romance all combined into one explosive read, and one I absolutely could not put down. Reisz fans will probably be divided by the ending, but I thought it was excellent, with a touch more intrigue thrown in, too. I don’t need to recommend this to fans as they’ll already be reading it, but I recommend it to Reisz virgins, as long as they start from the beginning of the series.

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