Erotica: Playing Doctors and Nurses by Blacksilk

You’ve read Punishment in Black, my first entry in the fantasy diary that me and my first lover kept. You’ve read X, his first entry too. Now it’s time for the second of the fantasies I sent Fractal when we were apart. I dreamt up this little fantasy while lying in bed at night and touching myself…

We suspend disbelief for a while and decide to try out something a little different in the way of roleplay, wearing costumes and taking on different roles than we have before. I am dressed as a sexy nurse in a little hat and a tight white outfit, short-skirted and revealing; you are dressed in a shirt, trousers, a white coat and white gloves with a stethoscope draped around your neck. You make the pretence of needing to feel in your pocket for something but, as a diligent doctor, you cannot possibly make your doctor’s gloves unhygienic by doing so, or so you tell me. You address me as ‘nurse’ and ask me to help you. I feel in your pocket but all that is there is the outline of your sex, already hard through the fabric as you see me in my skimpy costume.

You gasp, not in pleasure, but in fake pain and claim that my sudden touch has caused you injury to your sex. You insist that, as a nurse, it is my medical duty to try and make it better and I, playing the innocent, say “of course, Doctor”, pull down your zip and release your hard cock into my hands. I cover my hands and your sex in a layer of massage oil before beginning to stroke it, softly at first and then more firmly, pretending not to notice your breathing get heavy just as you pretend to try and hide it. I run my hands over your cock then switch to firm, swift circles on the tip of it, which I know you enjoy, making sure to pass my fingers over the underside of the rim.

“This still isn’t working, Nurse,” you say with a glint in your eye, “perhaps, you could try using your mouth?” I pause a moment, unsure if this is standard medical procedure but, knowing you are in charge and wishing to be obedient, I kneel and take you into my mouth, sucking slowly at your cock. When you are satisfied with this you stop me and tell me that you feel much better but that you have noticed something worrying. I ask what it is and you tell me to turn around and bend over. I do so, and you can see, just as you suspected, that I am wearing no underwear under my uniform, you take a quick gloved feel of my behind before standing me up again and looking stern. You tell me that it’s a hygiene breach to walk around like that and I implore you not to tell anyone.

“Please, I’ll do anything, I beg you.” I say and you reply “I’m afraid, however, that you’ll have to be punished for your bad behaviour. Bend over again.”

“Yes, doctor”

As I do so you lift up the skirt of my uniform and I gasp as you spank me firmly on the behind. You continue this and I can feel myself getting more and more wet as I let out a moan with each stinging strike. By the time you consider me sufficiently I am aching for you but you have more in store. You tell me I’m looking a little off-colour, unsurprising after my spanking but I don’t question doctor’s orders, you tell me to open the front of my uniform and as I unzip it you surreptitiously place the end of your stethoscope into a nearby cup of ice. When my breasts are uncovered you start to ‘check my breathing’ with the stethoscope, placing the now freezing cold metal onto my skin in various places before pressing it down firmly on each nipple as I gasp in shock.

You keep up a professional act and after making some ‘hmm’-ing noises you tell me you need to take my temperature and once again lean me forward, this time placing my hands on the nearby bed. You flip up my skirt again and whilst I wait in anticipation you remove your trousers and underpants. I can hear the noise of the fabric and grow eager for what is to come next. Instead of what I suspect however, you slowly insert the Wingman, our slim anal vibrator, in the pretence of a thermometer, into my anus, turning up the vibration fully once there. I moan and I you lean forward, from behind, to tease my nipples, all façade of a professional relationship gone with your lust for me. I can feel your hard cock touching teasingly at my labia, circling and rubbing against my clitoris. But you do not enter me.

Within no time at all I cannot take it any longer, “please, Doctor, please take me. Please.” And you finally enter me, moving slowly in and out. “Faster, please!” I moan and you start thrusting harder and faster, deep into me as the toy vibrates in my ass. “You’ve been a bad girl, Nurse” you say as you pinch and twist my nipples and slap my behind now and then. After the pleasure has built up to such an extent that neither of us can take it any more I start to shudder in climax as you come inside me. When we are both sated we stop, and fall into each others arms for a while.

© Blacksilk

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