Erotica: Summer Shower from Blacksilk

It’s fantasy diary time again! I’ve given you Punishment in Black and Playing Doctors and Nurses and Tease from my own pen and my ex-lover, Fractal, has given us X and Sexy-Grr. Well, there’s another of his entries today, a very fitting one given the season and weather. It’s time to hear about our Summer Shower

I decided to make it up to you after my constant sexual teasing and I know exactly how to do it. We are alone in a secluded part of a forest. You are wearing simple summer clothes, perhaps a summer dress held onto your body only by the strings that are tied at the shoulders. The day is warm with light, summer showers expected later and a cooling breeze, not cold, blows gently through the trees.

When we reach a glade filled with flowers, I call out, gently, and you turn to smile at me, the glitter in your eyes revealing your dazzling beauty to me. As the sun’s rays shine through your hair, I run my hand down and kiss you. As I do this, I subtly undo the straps on your dress.

The dress falls around you to the ground and you feel the cooling breeze on your now naked skin. I kiss you deeply as my hands thrust up to fondle your breasts. Your hands are already busy removing my top and, after sating their desire to touch my skin, your fingers begin work on removing my trousers. I, on the other hand, feel my way down your back to your buttocks, my fingers tease along your anus before stroking your thighs.

When we are both fully naked, I pull you down with me to lie on the soft grass and rest you down, I pull the hair band from your hair and it lies beneath your head like a dark pillow. I kiss you again softly on the lips, then between the breasts then the navel and finally on the mound as I pull a flower from its bed. I break the petals off one by one and let them fall from my fingertips onto your body.

I repeat this over and over several times while telling you throughout how much you mean to me and how heavenly you are, stopping this to remind you I love you with my heart and soul. I whisper gently into your ear as I begin to pleasure your clitoris with my fingertips. You moan slightly and look at me with wide-eyed longing as your skin blushes slightly on your cheeks and you call my name gently through gasping breaths.

When you are ready, I slowly enter you and begin to thrust. We thrust our bodies together and we approach. Just as we do, you roll me onto my back and are atop me. You continue to push down and ride my sex as the gentle, cooling rain comes down, drenching us slowly. As we lie there, thrusting, the twigs and thorns on the ground scratch my back as they must have done yours, adding to the pleasure. I begin to pleasure your breasts, dampened with the summer rain.

As we are there, you lean back and rest your hands onto the ground with your vulva thrust forward, pushing down more and more, striving to have me deeper and deeper within you. I repeat over how much I love you as my hands slide down your breasts to your mound and stroke it firmly. Occasionally, I bring my fingers to rest on your clitoris as we thrust. Finally, we climax together and we stay there a moment, gazing at our wet bodies and into each other’s eyes. After a short while, we dry ourselves off and return home, having kept our clothes safe from the rain.

© Blacksilk

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