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Morning, Noon and Night

The premise of Morning, Noon and Night is excellent. There’s a story for every hour of the day, beginning at 4 a.m., and also a bonus story called 24/7. So this is a book packed full of twenty-five unique stories taking place throughout the day. Yummy. Authors contributing include Aisling Weaver, Heidi Champa, Justine Elyot, Donna George Storey, Jeremy Edwards, Kristina Lloyd, Sommer Marsden, Ashley Lister, Alison Tyler, of course, and many more.

There’s action in beds, coffee shops, kitchens, offices, in cars… the list goes on. I loved how the hour of the day was integral to each naughty tale, how some stories were just about sex, others more romantic, some risky sex, some not. The variety was what made this anthology most interesting, and, of course, the quality. With authors like the ones I mentioned above involved, this was always going to be a top-notch anthology.

Particular favourites were Five a.m. Walk of Shame by Dante Davidson, which is supremely hot and has a nice twist. Nine a.m. Office Briefing, by Justine Elyot, is a luscious office-based tale which will pique the interest of anyone that works in an office, or who has ever worked in that setting. Serious fantasy fodder. One p.m. Test Drive by Angell Brooks had another interesting setting, and one that I suspect is a common fantasy, and one that more people than they perhaps care to admit have indulged in!

Overall, this is an anthology I’d definitely recommend erotica and erotic romance fans to check out. As I said before, the variety is great, the quality is high, and there’s definitely something in here to scratch everyone’s itch. A lot of imagination has gone into this book, and I commend Alison Tyler for coming up with the idea. Hot stuff!

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