Offers: Lovehoney £3 Toy Sale

We love it when the Lovehoney sale rolls around – not least because times are tight and we hate to think of anyone missing out on a buzz because they can’t afford it. That’s not to say you need to spend money to have a great sex life. We’ve got creative with dressing gown cords, carrots and silicone spatulas (so good for spanking) with the best of them. However, seeing toys starting at £3 puts a smile on our face. Here are our favourite bargains. If you’re new to toys and want to work out what you like, now is a good time to explore.

Basic Jiggle Balls – £3

jiggleAs popularised by 50 Shades, jiggle balls help tone you up while giving you a thrill (if you get off on the sensation – it’s not for everyone but at this price, you can test it out) Anastasia got her kicks by being spanked while wearing them but you can also wear them on the bus, or if you’re feeling secure in your kegels, go jogging wearing them and give youself an incentive to keep running. Don’t wear them when going through an airport though – you might set the metal detector off…


G-Spot Vibe – £3

Gspot vibe

This baby vibe is only single speed but has  a curved tip designed to help you hit the spot. Again, G-spot stimulation isn’t for everyone but some women find it pleasurable and may even ejaculate with the right stimulation.

This is a cheap and easy vibe for exploratory fun. However, it’s only 2.5 inches long so if you want something more filling, you may want to opt for a larger toy – this is much more pocket-sized pleasure. It’s a good idea to get some paraben free lube if you’re searching for you G-spot too:

Lady Lustfinger – £3


To me, the lady lustfinger is a retro classic – a five inch multispeed vibrator that’s operated by twisting the base. This is the vibrator depicted in vintage porn magazines – often under the label ‘non doctor’, so if you’re a fan of retro kitsch, it could be the toy for you. It may have been knocked off its perch as bestselling vibe once the rabbit came along but for a cheap bit of fun, you can’t beat Lady Lustfinger. Indeed, if you’re someone who enjoys sex parties, at this price, it’s the perfect party piece because you won’t be too upset if you can’t find it at the end of the night. (Just remember to use condoms on toys if you share)


Vibrating Cock Rings – 3 for £3

love rings

If there’s a penis in your life, and you like vibration, this is a brilliant bargain – three disposable cock rings for £3 (we’ve found we can usually get at least two uses out of disposable cock rings by turning the off immediately after use – depending on duration of sex, obviously) They can rub against your clit while keeping a man’s erection firm.

Indeed, you don’t need a penis to enjoy vibrating cock rings. They can also be used on a strap on to offer one or both of you pleasure – just use two at a time, with the vibrators positioned to suit you both: instant strap on upgrade.

Rainbow Cock Rings – £3 for 6

cock ring rainbow

If you don’t like vibrations but have a penis in your life, these pretty cock rings will help him stay stronger for longer. They also have different textures to add an extra thrill for you. Obviously, with six in one pack these are another great thing to take along to a sex party, should you want to play with multiple men (or simply share the joy with other party goers)


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