Preview: My Secret Life – Introduction and Preface

Cliterati is proud to announce that we will be serialising erotic autobiography ‘My Secret Life’, a unique ‘audiofilm’ project by composer Dominic Crawford Collins, combining recorded narrative with original score.

‘My Secret Life’, the anonymously written erotic memoirs of an English gentleman who refers to himself simply as ‘Walter’, is the longest book of its kind ever produced. For the sheer number and variety of sexual experiences described and for the frankness of the language used, it is without peer.

Privately printed in eleven volumes in 1888 and limited to only six copies, ‘My Secret Life’ is a gargantuan one-hundred-and-eighty-four chapters long and runs to over one million words. It was originally sold privately for a colossal sum and, due to its ‘hardcore’ erotic content remained banned for nearly a century until it was finally published by Grove Press in the USA in the 1960s .

Now for the first time in the forbidden book’s history, film composer Dominic Crawford Collins is releasing an ‘audiofilm’ (an audiobook in which the emotional landscape is explored through the music score) of the complete unabridged work. Each chapter of ‘My Secret Life’ will be released at monthly/bi-monthly intervals over the next ten to fifteen years, culminating in a unique collection and what is likely to become the longest audio book ever to be produced.

As a successful film & TV composer Dominic Crawford Collins found the challenge of scoring and narrating the entire unabridged version of ‘My Secret Life’ both daunting and inspiring,
“I have read Walter’s vast tome several times and the variety of circumstances surrounding his tireless pursuit of erotic adventure never fail to entertain and amuse me.”

“Set mostly in 19th London with lascivious escapades across continental Europe and America, not only are the settings inspirational but the dramatic nature of the actions and emotions described perfectly suited to the interpretation of a modern day film composer.”

“The creation of a meaningful score for ‘My Secret Life’ has meant a very clear understanding of the emotional development of Walter’s character and his responses to the circumstances that presented themselves to him. As a result each chapter has become an entity in its own right with a distinctly different and individual musical score intended to take the listener on an entertaining and emotional journey. Unlike any other audio book that I have come across, it’s one in which the music plays as significant and almost as substantial a role as the text itself.”

The score for ‘My Secret Life’ beautifully and poignantly captures the spirit of the book and its protagonist; subtly drawing the listener into ‘Walter’s world’, exploring the author’s innermost thoughts and experiences in a dramatic and lyrical musical context and providing the listener with a truly immersive erotic audio experience.

Dominic Crawford Collins is a leading film and TV composer having scored over 150 hours of broadcast television, with perennial favourites such as Ballykissangel and the BBC Natural World series amongst his many credits.

His works for the concert platform include ‘The Colour of Distance’ symphony (the largest ever composition that combines orchestral music with natural sound) recorded in DTS 6.1 surround sound at Abbey Road Studios and narrated by actor John Hurt; and most recently ‘Death & The Mermaid’, a symphonic commission from the Irish National Symphony Orchestra.

A full list of Dominic’s credits is available at

So keep your eyes peeled, ears alert and your mind open, as Cliterati will be showcasing every episode of My Secret Life as and when it is completed by composer Dominic Crawford Collins. Witness history in the making – in more ways than one!

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