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Reaper's Property

Previous to this, I’d never read a book by Joanna Wylde before. Now, I’ll definitely be looking out for her work. I like motorbikes, and I’m also a fan of the TV show ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ but even if you’re not keen on either, I still think you’ll enjoy this. Badass bikers and hot sex abound in this seriously sexy book.

Reaper’s Property tells the story of Marie, a young woman who finally left her abusive ex and went back to live with her brother, Jeff. He’s a bit of a waster and uses drugs, but he’s her brother and she loves him. Things tick along just fine, and Marie starts getting her life back on track, gets a job and starts to heal. Then a bunch of bikers start hanging around the trailer, a gang of guys from the local motorcycle club, the Reapers. It seems as though Jeff is working with them somehow, but of course, nobody will talk to her about it, as it’s club business.

Marie’s uncomfortable around the big, tattooed men at first, but eventually starts to realise they aren’t so bad. Especially Horse, whose gaze seems to follow her everywhere. She can’t deny her attraction to him for long, particularly as Horse is determined to have her in his bed. And he’s a difficult man to resist.

Things are turned upside down when the Reapers discover that Jeff has been stealing from them. They’re ready and waiting to kill him, but Horse convinces his brothers to give Jeff a chance to pay them back, but only if Marie agrees to become his property, in every way. That means he gets to sleep with her whenever he wants, and she has to do everything he says. Naturally, Marie’s not happy with this arrangement, but will do whatever it takes to save her brother’s life.

This is a seriously good book. As I said before, even if you’re not keen on motorbikes, I’d still give this book a try. It’s got everything – bad boys, action, family ties, relationships, romance and smokin’ hot sex. Yes, there’s violence, but it’s an integral part of the plot. I can’t say a bad thing about this book, to be honest. It’s a long novel, but I whizzed through it in a matter of days and loved it. The plot is brilliant, the characters are brilliant, the writing is fantastic and engaging, and the sex is meltdown hot. Reaper’s Property made me laugh, made me cry, made me fan my cheeks. I can definitely see why it’s been such a runaway success. I’m very much looking forward to more in this series, and recommend it to all erotic romance fans.

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