Event Preview: Is Monogamy Dead?


At Cliterati, we’re big fans of Sapphic science geek, Rosie Wilby, so we’re excited to hear that she’s got a new show – this time, examining monogamy. Prompted by the breakdown of several close friends’ long term partnerships, disgruntled serial monogamist Rosie presents a loose sequel to her Fringe Report Award winning 2009/10 show The Science Of Sex (which she recently performed in New York) after making a pact with her best friend that they are going to become ‘sex sirens’ in their early 40s – whatever that means.

She sets off to investigate age-old conflicts between freedom and commitment and unexpectedly encounters blackbird vasectomies, unicorns, marmosets, giant Malagasy jumping rats, lollipop ladies, George Michael, Juliette Binoche and Jean Paul Sartre whilst also wondering if fairies have feet and if gay marriage means that she will have to take up dusting.

She also presents the results of her anonymous online survey on fidelity and her own Family Fortunes-esque quiz to ponder what actually counts as infidelity, whether any of us agree on this and what other secrets couples keep from one another; and her disastrous attempt to find some sexual misadventure at a supposedly erotic ‘lesbian sauna’ (everyone ended up chatting and cleaning).

For more information about Rosie Wilby visit her website.

Is Monogamy Dead?, The Dukebox Theatre, Brighton, Sat 23rd November, doors 7.45, start 8pm. Book tickets here

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