Erotica: A Night Out (Part One) by Catalfi

Image by Samarttiw, Courtesy of  http://www.freedigitalphotos.netAll dressed up for a night out: short black skirt, leather waistcoat, black stockings, heels.

First we go for a lovely meal. Sitting opposite you, I keep looking at you; I really want to kiss you, to feel your tongue in my mouth.

After the meal we walk to a pub not far away. We get our drinks and find a dark corner to sit in. At last, you kiss me, your tongue deep in my mouth, just like that first amazing kiss, the one that really blew me away. So wonderful.

Then you run your tongue from my ear down my neck, nibbling gently as you go. Oh that’s good.

I feel your warm hand on my thigh, under cover of the table. Squeezing gently as you kiss me. Slowly you move your hand higher, teasing me. My clit begins to twitch as your fingers get closer.

You whisper in my ear,

“Go into the ladies, take off your knickers then come back here to me.”

I do as you say, put my knickers in my bag, then come back to sit beside you again.

“Hmmm. Think I need to check if you’ve done as I said,” you whisper, as you slowly run your hands up under my skirt.

You wouldn’t really, would you? Here, in the pub? I know it’s wrong, but I really don’t want you to stop. I want your wicked fingers to keep moving closer until you’re stroking my clit, just barely touching in that wonderful way you do. I know I’ve got to keep quiet, I know I’ve got to keep my face straight. I know I can’t let it show, what you’re doing to me, how excited you’re making me feel. Oh please don’t stop, O Master. Please touch me, make me come, right here beside you. I promise I’ll be quiet. No-one will suspect a thing.

You keep touching and teasing, closer and closer.

“Are you sure?” you whisper. “Don’t you think I should stop?”

Oh please, you can’t stop now. I’m so close. Please, don’t stop, make me come, make me shudder, make my whole body shudder with such intense pleasure.

You keep stroking oh so gently and I feel myself building, building, spreading from my clit, through my whole body, trying desperately to hold myself still, not to moan, when really I want to scream with pleasure.

Oh so good, so fucking good.


This is Part One of A Night Out by Cliterati reader Catalfi. You can read Part Two here.

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