Erotica: A Night Out (Part Two) by Catalfi

Image by Samarttiw, Courtesy of

Image by Samarttiw, Courtesy of

This is Part Two of A Night Out by Cliterati reader Catalfi. You can read Part One here.

Just sitting here, casually finishing my drink – I don’t think anyone noticed what you were doing to me, did they? We’re in a secluded corner here; no-one noticed you teasing and stroking my clit oh so gently; no-one noticed you making me come, in the pub, in a public place. I’m sure they didn’t.

Looking down I can see that you definitely noticed how excited you were making me. I can see that tell-tale bulge in your jeans. I reach under the table, undo your zip and slide my hand inside. Ohhh so big and hard. I think it’s time to move on. You zip up your jeans and we stand up and leave the pub.

There’s a park near here; we walk hand-in-hand through the gates and into a small wooded area, out of sight of the road. We stop, you kiss me, tongue deep in my mouth. I unzip your jeans again and slide my hand inside – you’re still so hard and ready for me. You lean against a tree and push me down to my knees in front of you.

‘My turn now,’ you whisper, ‘swallow me up babe.’

I take your hard cock into my hot wet mouth. Mmm it feels so good, so smooth and hard. I run my tongue up and down, circling, tasting, feeling your wonderful cock. You moan softly,

‘Dirty girl, dirty cock-sucking girl.’

Oh I so am. Your dirty girl, your dirty, cock-sucking. ass-fucking girl.

You watch as your cock slides in and out of my mouth; you hold my hair and move my head back and forth, up and down your hard cock, listening to me moan with pleasure as I suck and lick.

Are you ready to come yet? Mmm where will it be? I love to feel you come in my mouth, swallow your juices, lick you clean. But then again, don’t forget I’m still not wearing any knickers.

Suddenly you pull me away and turn me around so I’m leaning forward against the tree. I can hear the rustle of a condom packet.

‘Lube?’ you demand.

I take out the lube I just happened to be carrying in my bag (you never know when you might need it!) and squirt some onto my hand. I lube your condom-clad cock first.

‘Where next, O Master?’ I ask

‘Your sweet ass, of course,’ you reply

More lube on my hand, I smooth it onto my ass, then give the tube to you. I feel you pushing your hard cock into my ass, slowly at first, just the tip pushing in gently. Then a sigh from both of us as you push right in. You start thrusting faster, harder. I can feel you getting more and more excited. Pushing, in and out, harder, faster, harder, faster. Until you come in my ass, right there in the park.

Oh so fucking good.

You turn me round again.

‘Lick me clean, dirty girl.’

I lick you clean. Then we walk back to the car. All the way there I can feel the lube dripping out of my ass, running down my legs.

So fucking good.

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