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ID Silk

Lubricants are to the sex world what perfumes and aftershaves are to the beauty industry. Once people have found one they like they’ll remain loyal to that brand and it’s hard to convince them to try anything else. We’re conscious of how they react to the skin, how long they last and both types of products are full of ingredients that we’re not too sure what they are or mean, but know that when they’re brought together they create something we’re willing to buy again and again.

So, it was with much trepidation that I agreed to bring ID Silk Hybrid Lubricant into my sex life and give up my usual Pink Water, which I’ve been loyal to for years.

Silk Hybrid is the newest addition to the ID lubricant family. It is presented in ID’s new design bottle with an easy press cap that makes dispensing the lube a cinch. Squeeze the bottle to get the lube out. Push it back down and the bottle is resealed, but if in the midst of passion you forget to close the lid, then don’t worry. The only way to get it out is to squeeze, so if it’s simply tipped over the contents will not spill onto sheets or carpets.

‘Hybrid’ seems to be the new buzz word in the lubricant industry. There are more and more touting to have all of the freedoms and natural feel of a water based, while offering the thicker, longer lasting sensations of a silicone. Sounds great, but what does it actually mean? Does it mean that it is just a thicker, water based lube, or does it actually have silicone in it? Is it safe to use with silicone sex toys?

Lovehoney, who provided me with the bottle of Silk Hybrid, have listed it as water based and go on to say that it is safe to use with latex condoms and sex toys. ID themselves say it’s a ‘silicone and water blend’ making it a bit clearer that there is indeed silicone in the bottle. The lead ingredient is Water/Aqua/EAU. Without bogging this review down too much with technical talk, the fact that it’s still supposed to be a hybrid, suggesting silicone being used somewhere, led me to do something I’d never bother to do with a perfume: I checked all of the ingredients.

I only got as scientific as putting each ingredient into Google. There was nothing in the list that screamed silicone to my limited chemical knowledge, so it meant checking them one by one. Turns out that Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimeticane are both types of silicone and often used in hair care products to offer gloss and shine. Unfortunately, the testing of this product didn’t extend to see if that had any effect on pubic hair. Sorry.

So, that is where the ‘hybrid’ label comes from and knowing that put me at ease when using it. Both silicone ingredients appear pretty far down the list, so it can be assumed that only a small amount is used. I confidently and happily used ID Silk Hybrid with an array of silicone sex toys and there was no adverse effect.

A little bit goes a long way, so clearly the silicone does make a visible and textural difference. Generally speaking if you imagine how much hand cream you’d dispense in one go, that’s about as much ID Silk needed for a good session, but obviously this comes down to personal preference and how slippery you want it!

Apply the lubricant to genitals, sex toys or use it during a massage for extra slip and slide. As it’s primarily water based, it seems safe to use during oral sex too. After a month of testing neither my partner or I suffered any reaction from having it in our mouths and it doesn’t really taste of anything either, so it’s not wholly unpleasant. 

ID Silk Hybrid has a white appearance when first dispensed. Rub the lubricant into the desired area and it quickly goes clear. There was no staining or smell and the majority of it will sink into the skin during sex. Very little was left by the end, so clean up was minimal, but if you do find some sticking around then a quick wash in warm water will effectively get rid of it.

Overall this is a great lubricant and good value for money. Even after a month-worth of regular use, only a quarter of the bottle has been used. I can certainly see hybrid lubes being the way forward as they combine the best of both worlds.

A bottle of ID Hybrid Silk Lubricant 130ml costs £14.99 from

Disclaimer: I was provided with this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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