Erotica: I Love My Master by Catalfi

Sensual Woman Under Shower by Marin, courtesy of

Sensual Woman Under Shower by Marin, courtesy of

It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve just arrived home. You’re not home from work yet so I let myself in and lock the door behind me. I make myself a cup of tea and sit in the chair, relaxing after my hard day at work! I know when you come home we’ll probably go out for a drink; I don’t really want to go out in my work clothes, so I finish my tea, get undressed and switch on the shower.

I stand in the shower, lovely hot water running all my body. I wash my hair and soap my body all over, imagining that it’s your hands running gently over my warm, wet body. Then I feel the hot water running over me as it rinses the soap off. As I step out of the shower I hear your key in the lock. You know I’m here because you’ve seen my car outside. When you come in I’m standing in the kitchen, naked, opening a bottle of beer for you. You kiss me, then take the towel and start to dry my wet body, patting me gently all over. When you reach my breasts you linger over them, gently tugging my nipples with your fingertips. Oh that feels good. You kiss me again and lead me towards the bedroom.

You push me back onto the bed and start to stroke my body, playing with my nipples again, pulling, stretching and rubbing them. Mmmm I love that. You kiss and nibble my neck and shoulders, working your way down my body to my nipples; taking them into your hot wet mouth, you lick, suck and nibble. I’m moaning with pleasure now. I love that so much. You run your fingers up my inner thigh towards my clitoris, but just as you reach it you lift your hand away and run your fingers down the other thigh. I love it when you tease me. You keep on doing that until I’m begging you to make me come. Oh please, O Master, please touch me, make me come.

Then you kneel down at the side of the bed and pull me so that my ass is just on the edge of the bed. I’m lying on my back and you push my legs up, opening them to expose my hot wet pussy. You start to lick and nibble your way up my inner thigh; I can feel your hot breath on my pussy and my clit. I’m really moaning now. It feels so fucking good. You carry on teasing me more and more. Oh please, I need to feel your hot wet tongue on my clit; please please please make me come with your tongue. You ask me if I’m sure. Oh yes I’m sure; I’m really sure, please, I think I’m going to explode.

Eventually you touch my clit with the tip of your tongue; I can feel my whole body shuddering. I’m so ready to come. You lick me oh so gently, flicking with the tip of your tongue. Oh yes, I’m coming now, so fucking good. You really are amazing! I love you so much.

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